Top 10 Power Banks For Digital Nomads

power banks for digital nomads

Power banks for digital nomads are a necessity especially now that the entire world is shifting from working to offices to working anywhere you can.  There now is an increase of digital nomads and a low battery is something we never want to experience, but so frequently do. We’re always on our phones, so it’s not unusual to have to reach for the charger a few times a day.

However, for digital nomads, charging your phone isn’t always straightforward. You’re often on the road and without any access to power outlets where you could plug in the charger.

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Banks

Why Should You Have A Power Bank?

Imagine you’re out and about only to realize that your devices are about to turn off. It’s one of the worst things that could happen to digital nomads since they can’t plan as far ahead.

Even if you fully charge your phone before heading out, there’s always a chance the battery will run out before you manage to plug it back in.

If this doesn’t happen to you as often, you’re lucky. But are you willing to take the chance? An excellent portable power bank is essential for people who work away from home or on the road. Having such a device at disposal gives you a certain dose of security.

How Do Power Banks Work?

All you have to do is charge the bank and take it with you the next time you’re out and about. Once you figure your phone is low on battery, simply plug it in the power bank and let it charge. It’s really as simple as that.

Still, many people don’t know how these really work and sellers either don’t know or care to explain it.

A power bank otherwise known as power station is essentially a special case in which there’s a battery with a special circuit that controls the power flow.

These store electrical energy for you to use later on. Once the power bank is empty, you just charge it the same way you’d charge your tablet or phone.

Different Types Of Portable Chargers

These battery banks are more popular by the day so that you won’t have any issues finding the various models on the market. The universal type is the one most commonly used.

It varies in size and configurations so you can choose based on your budget and the device you want to charge.

Those that have photovoltaic panels are called sonar-charger banks. They charge when you place them in sunlight which is why the process is somewhat slow. For this reason, they can also charge via cable too.

The third common type is the older battery phone case. This one is compatible with a little number of devices though it can come in handy at times.

How To Charge Power Banks

These have a dedicated input socket from which it receives power from USB on your laptop or a wall socket. A wall socket requires an adapter. In most cases, they have a full-size USB socket for discharging and a Mini or Micro USB socket for charging.

How Long Do Power Banks Last?

How long power banks last depends on the overall quality of its components and how long they were manufactured to last. In most cases, more expensive models last longer while cheaper units start losing their abilities sooner.  Most power banks should last at least three years.

Top 10 Portable Power Banks for Digital Nomads

Anker PowerCore 20100 – power banks for digital nomads

Anker is a go-to brand of many digital nomads, so it’s no surprise it’s the first on our list. The reason behind this is its ultra-high capacity and portability.

Best powerbank for digital nomads

It weighs about 12.5 oz. so keep that in mind. The PowerCore is ideal for quick charging. The manufacturer claims it can charge the Galaxy S8 five times and iPhone 8 approximately seven times.

The bank combines VoltageBoost and PowerIQ to bring the fast charge it’s known for. It takes about 10 hours to recharge itself using a 2 amp charger. If you opt for a phone charger, it might take double as much.

The device features LG battery cells and the MultiProtect safety system that protects your devices. In the package, you get the Anker PowerCore 20100, Micro USB cable, a guide, and a travel pouch.

Pros Of The Anker PowerCore 20100

  • Has a safety system
  • Fast charge
  • Holds charge for a long time

Cons Of The Anker PowerCore 20100

  • Not as lightweight

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MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank – Ideal for digital nomads packing light

This 50000mAh/185Wh high-capacity bank is suitable for laptops, tablets, and phones. It comes with a connector for different laptops which is ideal for digital nomads.

What's a good powerbank for digital nomads

The battery can charge your laptop about two times if you’re not using it while it’s charging. It charges iPhones and tablets from 8 to 16 times. This one has six output ports for laptops, digital cameras, smartphones, routers, tablets, iPads, and other devices. The battery itself takes about 6 to 8 hours to recharge.

It measures 8.1×5.3×1.3 inches and weighs 2.77lb. It’s not the smallest unit, but it’s one of the most efficient and easy to use. It also has Lithium-ion polymer battery cells and 6 security protections for safe use and longevity.

Pros Of The MAXOAK

  • Large capacity
  • Has many ports
  • Fast charge time

Cons Of The MAXOAK

  • A bit large

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RAVPower 6700mAh – Small but powerful power bank!

Good powerback for travellers

This strong and fast portable charger has 6700mAh and is one of the most compact models on the market. It features the iSmart Technology that detects and gives ideal charging current for the device you’ve connected.

Though it’s compact, it has an amazing capacity. It fits in the palm of your hand, but it can charge your phone, laptop, and other devices with ease. The unique ergonomic design and a metal shell make this a stylish choice. It comes in bright pink, white, and black.

It’s simple to use and has four LED status indicators to keep you informed of capacity. The battery inside is an A+ lithium-ion battery that has 500 charge cycles. It’s protected from short circuit and over-current in which cases it will shut down automatically.

Pros Of The RAVPower

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Affordable

Cons Of The RAVPower

  • Has only one port

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Mophie Powerstation – Good for Samsung phones

If you’re only looking for a power station to keep your phone charged at all times, Plus XL might be the best choice for you. It has a dual-purpose charging cable and a lighting adapter for all your Apple devices.

Best powerbank for digital nomad

You can always remove the adapter and replace it with a MicroUSB if you have a smartphone or a tablet. Luckily, this one has two ports so you can actually charge two devices at the same time.

It’s called an XL power station because it features a 12000mAh battery with a switch-tip cable built-in. Each battery has been tested several times to ensure the best and safest performance.

It’s slim and easy to carry around. Plus, the aluminum finish makes it stylish and sleek-looking. It measures 3.1×0.7×6.1 inches and weighs about 8.8 ounces.

Pros Of The Mophie

  • Built-in lighting cable
  • It has two ports
  • Slim and compact

Cons Of The Mophie

  • It only pays off if you have an iPhone

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Rav Powerbank – The most rugged power bank

RAVPower is a versatile brand that makes loads of different power banks. This is one of their most high-end devices that deliver ultimate quality. It’s ideal for your MacBook and Surface Pro while it also works amazingly with smartphones, and pretty much every other USB-charged device.

Good powerbank for regular travellers

It has a Type-C port and iSmart USB port that allow you to charge different devices at the same time. The battery capacity is at 20100mAh so you’ll be able to use it several times over and over before it needs a recharge. iPhone 7 can be charged about five times while Samsung Galaxy S7 can be charged four times.

The battery itself takes about 5.2 hours to recharge and has 8 LED indicators that inform you of the capacity and remaining power. Another great benefit is its heat dissipation thanks to the air vents that keep the unit cool even when it’s at maximum capacity.

Pros Of The Rav

  • Charges several units at the same time
  • Huge capacity
  • Ideal for travelers

Cons Of The Rav

  • Not the smallest unit

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Anker Powercore – Great for charging Iphones fast

We’ve mentioned already that Anker is one of the leading brands in the industry. Their PowerCore II Slim is among the best banks for digital nomads because of its high capacity and speed.

What's a good powerbank for travelling

It delivers over 3 charges for iPhone, 2 for Galaxy S8, and many more for other phones. All the devices you connect are charged quickly which is always useful for people that are often on the go. For example, it takes only about 1.5 hours to charge Samsung Galaxy S7.

You’ll notice its ergonomic and slim design right away. The PowerCore II is actually rewarded for the design and protectiveness of the shield. It fits in your hand as it’s thin and compact so you won’t have any issues carrying it around. It comes with a 60cm MicroUSB cable, a travel bag, and a guide.

Pros Of The Anker Powercore

  • Slim and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for many devices

Cons Of The Anker Powercore

  • One port only

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AUKEY power bank – 2 ports and fast charging

What makes this perfect for digital nomads is its convenience. It uses one cable for charging your phone as well as the battery itself. It refills two USB-charged devices at the same time with the Dual AiPower USB ports.

Best powerbank for travellers

Its 20000mAh capacity allows you to charge an iPad 1.4 times, your Samsung Galaxy Note9 four times, or if you have an iPhone, you’ll be able to charge it six times.

Play around with it to see how many times you can charge each of the devices you always have at hand.

This one has safeguards to protect all your gadgets from excessive current, overcharging and overheating. It comes with a MicroUSB cable and a user manual.

Pros Of The AUKEY

  • Two USB ports
  • Versatile
  • High capacity

Cons Of The AUKEY

  • Not as lightweight

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Jackery BOLT charger – Comes with built-in charger wires for phones

This is a unique charger that’s quite popular among digital nomads. It’s quick, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

Best powerbank for digital nomads

It features a UL certified battery cell that protects both you and your devices. Its built-in lighting cable helps charge all iPhones with impressive speed. Some people even say that it charges iPhones faster than their original chargers.

It’s a 6000mAh battery, so you’ll get lots of use from it before it needs recharging. Charge your phone, laptop, and tablet faster when you’re traveling.

This one is quite easy to use, and it comes with a MicroUSB charging cable and a user guide. There’s no mess with additional cables since this one comes with Lighting and MicroUSB cables you can tuck away when you’re not using them.

Pros Of The Jackery

  • Comes with cables
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Small case

Cons Of The Jackery

  • Cables are short

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Cynthia Rowley External Battery Pack – Looks great but not as high performing

Best powerbank for female travellers

This is a perfect gift for all female digital nomads. It combines style with effectiveness, so it’s a good charging pack to have at hand. It’s slim so you won’t have any issues with portability.

The station works smoothly and has a protective system that keeps all your devices safe when you’re traveling. Its LED indicator shows when the charge is complete or when the battery itself needs to be plugged in.

This one works with all kinds of devices, and you’ll probably be able to connect your iPhone, smartphone, mp3 player, and iPod. It’s a multi-use device, so it’s good to have it in your bag for when you’re on the go.

It’s not the fastest unit on our list, but it’s a useful extra battery if you’re someone who just carries it as a backup solution.  The lady travelers might prefer these power banks for digital nomads.

Pros Of The Cynthia Rowley

  • Slim and stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Has LED indicators

Cons Of The Cynthia Rowley

  • Not as fast

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Goal Zero FLIP Power Bank – The smallest power bank

Best powerbank for men who travel

This slim external battery is easy to carry around and use anywhere you are. It’s a 7800mAh charger that features a 2.1A USB output and 1.5A input allowing quick and efficient use.

You’d need no cable because it also has a built-in USB plug that flips out. This allows you to charge phones without any hassle around cables and with pass-through power.

The bank is slim and lightweight, but it’s also quite durable. It has a solid aluminum finish that makes it suitable for a bit more heavy-duty traveling. It comes in several colors to choose from.

Another perk is the LED indicator that shows the battery level, so you know when it’s time to recharge it. The unit comes with a micro USB cord and a user guide.

Pros Of The Goal Zero

  • Slim
  • Aluminum finish
  • Micro USB cord

Cons Of The Goal Zero

  • Takes a while to recharge

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