What New Gadgets In 2021 Can We Expect – Our Top Picks


What New Gadgets In 2021 Are Available?

In a world where sanitizing, wearing masks, and avoiding people are the norm, technology still finds new ways to improve our lives. From wind-resistant umbrellas to handy tools that eliminate surface contact, here are ten new gadgets in 2021 that should make your life easier or just plain fun. In addition, you may find our top picks handy for the perfect gift idea for your gadget-loving another half.

1. Wind-resistant Umbrella

wind resistant umbrellaHave you ever been a victim of the dreaded ‘umbrella fail’? If yes, then a Blunt Metro wind-resistant umbrella is what you need in your life. It features a fiberglass frame that can withstand gales moving at 55mph.

For the umbrella canopy, Blunt went with a high-density water-resistant polyester fabric. It is stretchy and will not turn inside out when hit by strong winds. Also, the fabric has a UV coating to protect against harsh sunlight.

What’s more, this wind-resistant umbrella has smoothed-out edges. So you don’t have to worry about jabbing passers-by as you maneuver through crowds. No more umbrella fails in 2021; this cool umbrella comes in five different colors for variety.

2. Larq Self-Purifying Water Bottle

new gadgets in 2021

As the netizens would have it, ‘Drink water and mind your business. With a water bottle that self-purifies its contents, you will feel a lot safer hydrating on the go.

The Larq UV water purifying bottle uses UV-C mercury-free LED technology to eliminate impurities from drinking water. UV-C technology also eliminates bacteria and viruses that cause a bad odor in water.

One push of a button and the inbuilt UV light purifies water in seconds. The bottle has a lightweight design making it easy to cry. The bottle’s surface is splash-proof, which keeps the bottle clean and chic. Lithium polymer batteries activate the self-cleaning cycle every two hours. So your water will always be fresh, odorless, and ready to drink.

If you are looking for more information about why you should purify your water Aquaporin has spelled it out.

3. Wiser-key Contactless Carabiner

best new gadgets in 2021

With bacteria and viruses lurking everywhere, you can’t trust any surface these days. But before you morph into a full-blown germaphobe, this contactless carabiner offers an easier way to navigate the outside world. Whether it is opening doors, pulling levers, or pressing elevator buttons, this pocket-sized WiserKey carabiner has you covered.

Want to withdraw money from an ATM? Easy, the pressure-sensitive tip on the carabiner is touch-screen responsive. What’s more, this gadget is crafted from 260 brass metal. The metal releases ions that instantly kill germs as a self-sanitizing measure.

You will love the gadget’s intuitive and ergonomic design. Gift your friends and family as well to show how thoughtful and caring you are.  This is our top pick of the new gadgets.

4. TheraGun Portable Muscle Massager

new gadgets in 2021 for muscle relief

Sore muscles are like taxes; they happen to everyone. But since we all can’t afford a regular Swedish massage, a portable massager comes in handy. This portable massager by TheraGun provides relief from muscle pain or tension on the go.

It features an ergonomic grip to hold the massager steady as it delivers therapeutic vibrations to ease the tension in sore muscles. In addition, this gadget is battery-powered with a running time of up to 150 minutes.   

You can now get your Swedish massage while reading in the subway or sipping a latte at Starbucks. The best part, this gadget features QuietForce technology to make it ultra-quiet. So you can take care of business anywhere, and no one will notice.

5. Olive Smart Ear

new gadgets in 2021 for hearing

These smart hearing amplifiers will end all stigma associated with hearing aids. They look like normal earbuds with a more futuristic design. 

With a sound amplification of up to 50dB, these cool buds provide a crispy listening experience even in noisy places. Furthermore, you can fully personalize your hearing experience via a smartphone app.

The amplifiers have a battery life of 7 hours and come with a rechargeable holder, just like normal Air Pods.

These are our top picks for the best new gadgets of 2021.

6. Puppy Hachi Smart Portable Projector


new gadgets in 2021 for screen projection

Tired of zooming in on excel sheets on a tiny screen while explaining business to someone? Worry no more. This cool portable projector expands your presentations on any flat surface.

The Puppy Hachi smart portable projector transforms your living room floor into an interactive workspace. With the gadget’s precision sensors, you can point, zoom in, or move objects on any flat surface like on a smartphone.

Have kids at home? This projector will provide a fun online learning experience. And when all work is done, and it’s time to play, this mini office projector converts into a reliable entertainment projector with HD viewing.

With its 0.39:1 projection ratio, you can cast your Netflix movies and shows on a 100-inch screen. All the while, this gadget remains smartly hidden about an arm’s length from the screen.

7. Tile Pro Item Tracker

best way to track stolen items

It looks like a normal keyholder. Yet, the Tile Pro tracker is a hi-tech item finder with a 400 ft range. Download the gadget’s compatible app on iOS or Android. Then, load the app and instantly locate your misplaced bag, keys, smartphone, or…well… Chihuahua.

Even when an item is not in range, the Tile App will still load the lost item’s recent location. You can track your smartphone or iPad even when it’s silent. Add this nifty finder onto your dog’s collar and get smart alerts whenever he sneaks out of your yard.

Suppose you have been burgled before. You will know how frustrating it is when your prized possessions have been ripped away from you.  Take it from one who knows; if you had one of these with your spare keys (which are highly likely to be stolen during a break-in), you would be able to tell the police where your possessions are if they are not currently with you.

8. Smartphone Screen Magnifier

new gadgets for watching iphone

No more squinting while watching movies at home. This 12-inch screen magnifier enlarges HD content without losing pixel quality. In addition, the screen magnifier boasts a high-quality 3D plexiglass that is shatter-resistant.

An inbuilt suction cup holds your phone in place while casting your movies and shows 2 to 4 times larger. No more visual fatigue as you can now watch anything from a one-meter distance.

This screen amplifier is also perfect for seniors who need a little more help interacting with their smartphones.

9. Survival Paracord Bracelet

Survival Paracord Bracelet

We do not anticipate a zombie apocalypse anytime soon. But if it happens, you will need this smart paracord bracelet on your wrist 24/7. It packs essentials tools found in any advanced survival kit.

An inbuilt compass helps you navigate through jungles and find your way back to camp. This bracelet also has a long-range whistle to help you send emergency calls. When you need to warm up on cold nights, a carefully hidden Ferro rod striker allows you to start a fire.

When you need a utility rope, this survival bracelet unwinds into a 12-feet military-style paracord. So whether you are camping, fishing, hiking, or surviving, this smart bracelet will come in handy.

10. Neck Hanging Cooling Fan

best Neck Hanging Cooling Fan

No more sweaty necks or drippy eyebrows. This neck-hanging fan cools you on the go. It comes with three fan speeds for optimal cooling.

A 1800mAh lithium-ion battery powers the fan up to 12-hours, at low speed, or 4.5 hours, at high speed. The fans are tiltable to adjust wind direction to your liking. Whether you are jogging, cooking, hiking, or applying, this smart gadget makes life easier in hot & humid environments.

What’s more, you can add essential oils to the cooling fans to add a spa-like experience in your personal space. The neckband is padded for comfort and can provide a strong base for using this gadget as a desk fan.

Wrapping up

As we anticipate owning real estate on Mars or drive a Cybertruck with better shatter-proof windows, we can still be impressed by the cool things technology reveals each day.  According to experts, the work-at-home trend will rise in 2021. We expect these nifty and interesting gadgets will better your work or stay-at-home experience.

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