Top 10 Laptops For Quickbooks/Excel

laptops for quickbooks

Whether you’re an owner of a small business or a huge enterprise, you’re probably using Excel or QuickBooks quite a lot. So we wanted to find the best laptop for QuickBooks.

I get it:

It’s tough to find the right laptop. There are THOUSANDS of models…

We’ve made it easy here by listing the best laptops for QUICKBOOKS, EXCEL, and in general, ACCOUNTANCY work, along with their pros and cons.

Both are well known in the business world, but QuickBooks is said to be among the best when it comes to accounting software. It’s an easy-to-use, all-in-one accounting software meant for any business.

If you need a laptop able to run this software, you’ve come to the right place. In most cases, buying a computer for a specific use is much easier than buying one for generic use. We’ll explain all the things to look to help you make your work easier.

What Do I Need To Run QuickBooks?

A powerful CPU is among the most critical requirements. Many laptops are launched every day, and hundreds of them come with powerful CPUs. In most cases, they come at a reasonable price, too.

A primary processor can also do the job, but a powerful one will help keep your device up to date. So, it would help if you opted for a powerful and productive CPU.

Also, make sure to look for a longer battery life that can support long hours of work. Good RAM is there to ensure the steady and fast working of the software.

Other Features To Look For

And since Excel and other accounting software often require long hours of dedication, your laptop should be comfortable and easy to use. The benefit of having a backlit keyboard, for example, is that one can type anywhere, in any low-light setting, and with ease.

The weight of the laptop should also be a consideration. Heavier laptops could be a hassle to move around with, so choosing a laptop that doesn’t weigh as much could save you the trouble of worrying about the weight.

Price Range

All the Excel and QuickBooks work have specific requirements, achievable at an affordable price. If using a laptop for business purposes, buying an expensive laptop might not be the best idea.

However, getting a low-price laptop is also not a good idea. Devices on the lower range of the price scale are known for crashing when put to extensive use. This may result in massive data loss.

Working with Excel and QuickBooks requires a reliable laptop with good battery life solid construction.

The Top 10 Laptops For QuickBooks and Excel

IMPORTANT: If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find a list of common questions people ask about this sort of thing. If, however, you want to see our top picks for laptops, then we’ll show you those here!

ASUS ZenBook UX331 – A great all-rounder

This laptop is designed for business people who travel a lot, such as Accountants. A lightweight aluminum body makes it easy to carry since it weighs about 2.5lbs.

Best laptop for quickbooks

A long-lasting battery enables you to work on the go. It lasts up to 12 hours, depending on how often and for how long you use it. It’s ideal for working during a flight or a train ride.

It features an 8th Generation Intel Core i5 1.6GHz processor with turbo capabilities up to 3.4GHz. This processor is paired with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of a solid-state drive, ensuring everything runs smoothly. For those of you wondering what RAM you need to run QuickBooks, it’s a laptop-like THIS.

It has a 13.3″ FHD NanoEdge display and the Intel UHD Graphics 620.  Thanks to this combo, it’s considered an integrated graphics unit that’s perfect for office use.

The keyboard is backlit, and the touchpad is pretty broad, providing a comfortable typing experience. Thanks to a built-in fingerprint sensor, accessing your laptop is just a touch away. This makes it easy to log in while on the move.

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Pros Of The ASUS ZenBook

  • Elegant casing
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable to use

Cons Of The ASUS ZenBook

  • The screen only opens at approx. 100°-110°

Acer Aspire E15 Laptop – High-performance laptop for QuickBooks

Acer Aspire E15 is an all about high-end performance at an affordable price. It’s a perfect fit for the business world since it’s excellent for both Quickbooks and Excel.

Best laptop for excel

This laptop has more power than most similar models, featuring an 8th Generation 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor with turbo up to 3.4GHz.

The NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics make its 15.6″ FHD display come alive. All of that, paired with 8GB of RAM, makes multitasking and app handling easy.

Storage on this device is 256GB SSD, which may feel insufficient for gaming and entertainment. However, it’s more than enough to run all your office software smoothly.

Upgrading this unit comes easy as compartment doors are allowing for easy access to HDD and RAM.

The outer body is plastic, but the inside body is made out of superior brushed aluminum. Of course, the keyboard is backlit, allowing comfortable typing in a low-light setting.

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Pros Of The Aspire E15

  • Quality case
  • Backlit keyboard and a huge touchpad
  • Expandable storage and memory
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life

Cons Of The Aspire  E15

  • Some may find it thick and heavy.

HP Notebook 15 – Touchscreen easy to use

This laptop is not only about beauty but also about performance. The 8th Gen Intel Core i5, coupled with enough RAM, could make you accomplish a significant amount of work in a little amount of time.

easy to use laptop

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The laptop comes with a minimum of 8GB of RAM, which is enough to run QuickBooks and Excel. On top of that, HP lets you opt for how much more RAM you want, and you can go up to 16GB.

It’s the same with a 128GB solid-state drive. If you feel like you need more, just let them know, and they’ll install it for you. The laptop comes with pre-installed Windows 10 OS, making this device compatible with Quickbooks and Excel versions. This means you’re good to go from the moment it arrives.

The design is pretty stylish, with a sleek body and good ergonomics. It’s also easy to carry around. The Intel UHD Graphics 620 drives the 15.6″ HD touchscreen display. On top of that, it also has a full-sized keyboard with a numeric keypad that’s backlit for more comfortable use.

Pros Of The HP Notebook 15

  • The balance of design and power
  • Ergonomic design
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life

Cons Of The HP Notebook 15

  • No discrete graphics

Dell Inspiration 15 7570 – The accountant’s dream laptop

This Dell laptop is a perfect combination of performance, affordability, and convenience. It’s ideal for accountants looking for an ultraportable yet powerful laptop for Quickbooks or Excel, or really ANY accountant work.

Best laptop for accountants

The Intel’s 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor keeps pace with modern expectations for those in the modern-life rush. In addition, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics with 4GB GDDR5 memory provides smooth performance for both work and medium to heavy gaming.

Of course, 8GB of RAM allows multitasking and switching between apps smoothly and with ease. In addition, the 1TB 5400RPM Hybrid Storage system adds to the overall convenience and performance.

The aluminum case provides a high-end appearance and durability. Its hinges bend at 180°, allowing you to lay the screen flat in case you need to. The overall design is nicely modest, featuring a backlit keyboard with a pretty clean layout.

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Pros Of The Dell Inspiration

  • Great performance
  • Sturdy aluminum case
  • Backlit keyboard

Cons Of The Dell Inspiration

  • The battery doesn’t seem to last long.

ASUS VivoBook S410UN

Unlike most premium laptops with a metal case, the VivoBook S410U’s body is plastic. But don’t let that discourage you because this laptop is well constructed and sturdy.

It’s slim and portable with the ASUS’s Nano-Edge 14″ display. This is one of the better screens that renders vivid colors and has a wide viewing angle.

good laptop for excel

It has the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU that runs up to 4GHz (1.8GHz by default), along with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. This combo delivers a lightning-fast performance.

As for graphics, a discrete GeForce MX150 won’t disappoint you in your work and light to medium gaming. Battery life is average as you get up to 7 hours of work time. This laptop also comes with a fingerprint sensor.

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Pros Of The VivoBook

  • Weighs 3.2lbs
  • Attractive design
  • Smooth performance

Cons Of The VivoBook

  • Screen brightness could be better.

Apple MacBook Pro13 – Great all-rounder laptop

If you’re in the market for a business or WORK laptop, you should consider the MacBook Pro 13. It’s one of the most powerful, high-performing hardware configurations out there.

Best mac for excel

It’s equipped with 7th Gen 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 CPUs, running up to 3.8GHz with Turbo Boost. It enhances your speed and increases productivity with 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM.

Though 128GB of storage space on a solid-state drive may seem insufficient, it’s more than enough for accounting on QuickBooks and working with Excel sheets.

The fingerprint sensor allows for quick access with one touch and for switching between users. Plus, the backlit keyboard is surprisingly quiet when typing. It’s also important to mention its long-lasting battery that allows for more than 8 hours of light work.

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Pros Of The MacBook Pro13

  • Amazing performance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Aesthetic design

Cons Of The MacBook Pro13

  • A bit pricier

Lenovo ThinkPad E580

Lenovo ThinkPad series has always been in the spotlight of the business category. This laptop is powerful, efficient, and lightweight, so it’s great for accountants and business people.

best lenovo for quickbooks

The E580 is powered by the 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, beating at 2.5GHz, which is more than powerful enough for Quickbooks and excel.

It’s backed up by 8GB DDR4 RAM, which enables you to handle multitasking with ease. The 256GB SSD is sufficient for work, but it can be upgraded if you need to store large amounts of data.

This combination of features enables you to accomplish basic computer work. The backlit keyboard is enjoyable and comfortable to type on. You might also like its fingerprint reader that makes the entire device safer and easier to work with.

The ThinkPad is among the top choices for many businesspeople and accountants, thanks to its specifications and features.

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Pros Of The ThinkPad

  • High-quality case
  • Decent system performance
  • Upgradeable

Cons Of The ThinkPad

  • Below-average battery life

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Surface Pro 6 is a bit different than others on this list because it’s a laptop-to-tablet device.

Best surface for quickbooks

You get the full laptop experience by opening the built-in Kickstand and adding a Signature Type Cover keyboard. Then, close the Kickstand and remove or fold the keyboard back for a rugged, stand-alone tablet.

Surface Pro 6 is a thin and truly lightweight notebook that’s all about performance since it’s packed with high-end features.

It’s powered by an 8th Gen 1.3GHz Intel Core i5, but you can opt for a 1.8GHz Intel Core i7 CPU if you want to. In addition, 8GB RAM allows app launching and multitasking to be faster than ever before. RAM is also upgradable.

The highly productive hardware specification makes this laptop ideal for business people, accountants, students, and content creators.

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Pros Of The Surface Pro

  • Powerful performance
  • Only 1.7lbs
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life

Cons Of The Surface Pro

  • Accessories sold separately


The ASUS F556UA provides productivity, efficiency, and comfort, so it’s perfect for those who work for hours at a time.

It’s easy to carry around, thanks to its slim and lightweight body. The overall design looks very luxurious and has a nice feel to it. The 7th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU gives you all the performance while consuming less power.

best asus for accountants

Its 256GB SSD provides fast and powerful storage. Paired with 8GB RAM, it offers superior boot time, improved performance, and multitasking.

Heating is NO problem since ASUS IceCool Technology has a unique internal layout that keeps the temperature regulated. However, battery life is below average, as it lasts up to 3-5 hours with moderate use.

Overall, it’s attractive and efficient as it provides enough power to handle your Quickbooks and Excel work.

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Pros Of This ASUS

  • Well-balanced hardware
  • Good design
  • Doesn’t heat

Cons Of This ASUS

  • Battery life could be better.

Acer Chromebook 11

This laptop comes with some great hardware. It does wonders for a working person that puts extended hours at the office.

It’s found on the lower range of the price scale, but it still has everything needed to run your accounting software smoothly.

Best laptops for Excel

It features the Chromebook 11 features Celeron N2840 Dual-core CPU running at 2.16GHz. The 4GB RAM and 16GB SSD may be below average, but they provide enough speed and storage for office work.

Its thin and sturdy body is lightweight so that you can carry it around with ease. The keyboard is comfortable to type on, and the trackpad is pretty big. Its anti-glare display comes in handy when working long hours as it keeps your eyes protected.

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Pros Of The Acer Chromebook

  • Lightweight
  • Good keyboard
  • Phenomenal battery life

Cons Of The Acer Chromebook

  • It looks cheap and low quality

Common Questions About Running QuickBooks On Laptops

Many people had questions about buying a laptop for things like QuickBooks or excel, so we’ve tried to answer them all here. Remember, these laptops aren’t JUST good for QuickBooks. They’re suitable for all types of tasks, mainly work-related. They’re definitely ideal for accountants and analysts working with spreadsheets a lot.

What Is The Best Laptop For Office Use?

Overall, the best laptop for just plain office use doing things like editing spreadsheets and workflows is probably the Macbook PRO in any size. The size really depends on what size screen you’d be comfortable working with for hours every day. Some people can make do with smaller screen sizes, which means they find it easier to carry the laptop around!

What’s The Best Laptop For A Chartered Accountant?

For a chartered accountant, the best laptop is something like a Microsoft Surface PRO. This is because it has the high-power RAM and processors to run powerful spreadsheeting software, and you can touch the screen to move things around, so it’s GREAT for meetings and showing clients items.

Can I Fun QuickBooks On A Tablet?

You can’t run QuickBooks for Desktop on a tablet, iPad, or phone. It would help if you had a laptop to run it, and even then, you can’t run it on EVERY computer. There are specifications you will need on your computer to run QuickBooks on it, which we cover in this article.

Can I install QuickBooks on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can run QuickBooks on this, but a Chromebook isn’t really designed to run programs like this. Although you can do it, Chromebooks are really meant to be used for just web browsing and email, etc. Therefore, it’s much better to get one of the laptops mentioned in this article.

How Much RAM Do I Need For QuickBooks?

The RAM requirements are actually relatively high for running QuickBooks. To run it properly, you’ll need to have about 1GB of RAM or MORE! This is above the standards most consumer laptops offer, so you must be careful about which laptop you buy to run QuickBooks.

Can QuickBooks Run On Windows 7?

Probably not. Windows 7 is somewhat outdated now, and although you might be able to get away with it, you probably won’t for much longer. So it’s better to consider upgrading your laptop or operating system. If you upgrade, make sure the laptop you get has at least 1GB of RAM to run the program correctly.

Can QuickBooks Run On Windows 10?

Yes, you can run QuickBooks on Windows 10, and it should work fine, assuming you have at least 1GB of RAM on your laptop. Anything below that, and you’ll start to notice lag and glitches, especially because Windows 10 is such a sluggish operating system, and it’s entirely loaded with things you don’t need.

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