J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight Review – The Most Versatile Flashlight?

Are you looking for a reliable EDC flashlight? If so, the search has probably come down to the J5 Tactical V1-Pro flashlight.

We’ve all heard of J5 as they’re among the best-known names in the flashlight industry. Over the years, the company has produced several quite heavy-duty models that people use all over the world.

This small but powerful light is an improved version of J5 Tactical. It’s smaller in size, but it’s brighter and strong enough to withstand different adventures. It’s a versatile EDC flashlight to use at home in case of emergencies, power outages, and other situations.

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight

What makes a flashlight tactical?

First of all, this is among the most well-known companies that make tactical flashlights. All their models are sturdy, made from quality materials, and often used by military, police, hunters, and many other outdoor adventurers.

J5 V1-Pro is made from the most durable materials that can withstand different weather conditions. Its body can handle some beating, and it’s even drop-resistant.

Who is the J5 Tactical V1-Pro flashlight for?

There are no rules as this one can serve as a heavy-duty tactical as well as an EDC flashlight. You can carry it in your bag and only use it when looking for your car keys. However, you can take it out the next time you’re going for an adventure, and you’ll see just how well it performs.

In the past, people have used it on rescue missions, SWAT raids, and military operations. It serves as a self-defense weapon, too, so that’s a plus. It might not be the best torch to hit someone with, but the bright light it outputs is more than enough to blind someone.

Construction of the J5 Tactical V1-Pro flashlight

Probably the first thing you’ll notice about this one is its quality. It’s made from aircraft aluminum alloy that’s almost impossible to break. This makes the V1-Pro ideal for different outdoor adventures as you can drop it from as high as 9-feet and the light won’t break.

If you were to run your car over it accidentally, the flashlight would survive. It’s also ideal for extreme weather conditions.

It features a skid-proof design which is something not many people pay attention to. The design will keep the flashlight in place preventing it from rolling away. Another great thing about it is the attached head you can use as a weapon if need be.

Although it’s made of heavy-duty materials, the V1-Pro is quite lightweight and compact. It measures 4 inches in total while weighing only 3.5 ounces with the battery included. This allows you to carry it in your bag, pocket, EDC bag, or even attach it to your belt with a pocket clip.

The clip is made of durable materials and won’t break on you as easily. It allows you to attach the torch to your backpack, pocket, or purse and carry it with ease. This way of carrying it is also more convenient as you won’t have to go through a hassle of trying to find it in your bag.

One design flaw we noticed is that it can’t stand upright. Though this isn’t as important and is definitely not a deal-breaker, it’s still something you should know.

Is the LED light bright enough?

Don’t be fooled by its small size because this one is far brighter than many larger flashlights on the market. It has a LED bulb that produces 300 lumens at a distance of 600 feet. It’s bright enough to take with you on camping, hiking, hunting, and other nighttime outdoor activities.

It’s safe to say that there isn’t another flashlight that’s equally as compact and bright.

Cooling system

The main issue that occurs with small lights is that their bodies usually get quite hot after just a few minutes. This heat can go up to the point where the flashlight is impossible to hold on to. However, this doesn’t happen with the V1-Pro because people at the J5 thought of a smart solution.

Precisely, they’ve added cooling fins to the construction, so the light remains cool even when it’s at the highest brightness.

Light Modes

It features three different modes that are the high, strobe, and low. Now, a strobe light isn’t something you’ll often find when it comes to EDC flashlights.

However, this is primarily a tactical torch, and the strobe light can come in handy more often than not. If you intended to use it as a self-defense weapon, know that you can easily disorientate someone with it.

V1-Pro also features an adjustable zoom function that zooms in and out in a second.

Battery life of the J5 Tactical flashlight

One of the most important things about this one is its battery life. It operates with one AA battery which can last you as long as three weeks if you use it conservatively.

This means you shouldn’t expect an extended life if you leave it to work for days. However, with smart use, you’ll get a lot from it.

Another great thing is that you can actually use a 14500 rechargeable battery if it’s something you prefer. Our advice is you use both; one in the torch and another as a backup option.

Easy-to-use switch

The flashlight has a convenient tail cap switch allowing ultimate ease of use. This is handy in many situations because it allows you to turn it on quickly and effortlessly.

Imagine you’re out hunting and you have the flashlight mounted on your weapon. You can use just one hand to press the tail and turn the light on. Use the same hand to choose between the light modes and spotlight/floodlight function.

Waterproof ranking

When it comes to tactical flashlights, the waterproof ranking is among the most important things to consider. This is simply because there are high chances of you dropping the torch in water if you’re out hunting, for example.

Even in everyday situations, you might need it when it rains so it’s good to know that water cannot damage it.

It features a rubber ring around the tail and the lens to prevent any water from getting into those areas. This means you can freely use it when it’s raining.

Plus, an occasional dip in water can’t harm it either if you were to drop it in a puddle. However, it’s not fully waterproof, and you shouldn’t dive with it.


  • Extremely durable body
  • Can be used in the rain
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The battery doesn’t last as long on higher settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the settings easy to change?

As we mentioned before, it’s simple enough you can sometimes even do it with one hand. You push the button once to turn it on and off, and just halfway to access the high setting. If you want strobe or low settings, you have to push it halfway again.

Is it waterproof or water-resistant?

There’s a significant difference between the two that people often forget or don’t give enough importance to. This one is somewhere in between; it’s water-resistant and then some more. V1-Pro isn’t suitable for actual diving, but it can withstand an occasional drop in the puddle. You can use it in rain and snow, but it’s not recommended you submerge it in water.

Which battery works the best?

You can use a single AA battery or a rechargeable 14500 one. This is a nice detail that adds to its versatility and ease of use, though the two types of batteries provide different performance. The single AA battery can last for weeks but will output only 150 lumens which are half of its full potential.

Still, because the 14500 rechargeable battery gives 300 lumens, it doesn’t last as long.

So, it’s up to you to choose which would work the best for you. Do you want more lumens or longer battery life? Many people recommend you use the rechargeable one and keep a few AA batteries as a backup option.

What’s the zoom for?

This is a handy feature often used by law enforcement, and it’s what makes this flashlight one of the best tactical ones. It allows you to zoom in on someone/something working as a spotlight. The zoom-out option is called a floodlight.


It’s a versatile flashlight you can use in everyday situations as well as when camping or hunting. The quality of performance it delivers is the primary reason why people often opt for it.

The V1-Pro is sturdy and built to last a long time. Plus, the brightness it outputs will impress you enough never to want to replace it. What we like the most about it is precisely its brightness as well as compactness.

This one fits everywhere, and it’s not a hassle to carry around. This one is a safe choice as it’s easy to use, extremely durable, and brighter than other J5 flashlights.

If you’re looking for some other types of flashlights, there are lots of good AAA flashlights and penlights, but they’re not as good as this one!

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