How Long Do Laptops Last? Detailed Answer

How Long Do Laptops Last Detailed answer

If you already own a laptop or planning to buy one, the one question continuously popping up in your mind is how long do laptops last. You are not alone; this happens to most of the laptop users as they experience minor to major problems soon after the purchase made. Fact is, it is very difficult to predict the durability of a laptop as it depends on various factors. The factors are linked to both the purchaser as well as the manufacturer.

Customer Related Issues Relevant To The Question

Laptops last more if the configurations are high. If it is a gaming laptop, it typically lasts more than five years considering the average usage of 8 to 10 hours a day with proper maintenance. If the laptops are of mid-level configurations, not as high performing as gaming laptops, it may last about three to five years depending on the usage and maintenance.

Manufacturer Related Issues Relevant To The Question

There is a term called Planned Obsolescence, a clever marketing strategy followed by the manufacturers to increase their sales, where the laptops are made in such a way that after a few years they will become obsolete and unable to run the latest programs and games.

As you can see, planned obsolescence is linked with both the manufacturers of hardware and software. Game developers regularly release their latest creations with higher requirements than the previous ones which force the gamers to upgrade their laptops with the latest configuration. Nevertheless, with a well-configured laptop, you need not to switch to an upgraded one for at least two to three years even if you are a hardcore gamer. But if you single-handedly use a laptop for general use, you can expect your laptop to last around five years.

Proper Maintenance For Long Durability

If you don’t want to replace your laptop too soon, you are supposed to take proper care of it. You have to take care of both the hardware components as well as the system software.

Taking Care of Hardware Component

There are several ways to take care of the hardware components of a laptop. Applying these methods will increase the lifespan of a laptop remarkably.

  • Cleaning: Cleaning the exterior and interior parts of the laptops on a regular basis is highly crucial. There are dust particles that cover the hardware components and create the problem. You can use an air dust blower to clean these stuff. These air blowers are not very pricey cheap, and you can find them in your nearby superstores as well as in online shops.
  • Cooling Pad: Heating causes the components of a laptop to perish rapidly. To prevent that, you should provide extra cooling to the laptop along with the built-in fans. This is not hard as there are plenty of cooling pads available in the market and they are designed for all sorts of laptops. Cooling pads have additional fans that provide extra cooling to the laptop and increase its lifespan.
  • Battery: The main power backup of the laptop is the battery. The average lifespan of a battery can be extended to more than three years if you take good care of it. There are a couple of things to keep in mind for increasing the durability of laptop batteries.
    • It is better to keep the laptop connected to a power source whenever possible. Use the battery backup only when needed. This will help extend the battery life.
    • Turning off the laptop or connecting to a power source is highly recommended once the battery level reaches below 10%. Using the battery backup till the laptop shuts down is unwise as battery life decreases this way rapidly.

Taking Care of Software Component

We all know laptops create additional junk and cache files on a regular basis. This stuff slows down the operational process and decreases the performance. Manual cleaning of these files is essential to keep the laptop performing at optimum level. If you cannot clean them manually, not to worry, there are a good number of applications available such as Cleaners or Advance System Care for automatically performing such cleaning operation.

Moreover, using an antivirus or a malware remover is a good practice to help prevent the laptop from an unwanted attack of malicious software or adware. This way, your laptop will perform at its best level with an increased lifetime.


Any decent quality, mid-configuration laptop should easily last for at least three years. But it can be significantly longer if you can take proper care of both hardware and software components of the laptop. If you go for higher configuration and most reputed brands, you can expect to use your laptop for even 10 years, if you take good care of it. In fact, a lot depending on the laptop you choose and how you use it. Hopefully, now you have a better idea of how long do laptops last.

When you buy a laptop, you should first decide what purpose you want to use the laptop as there are stock trading laptops, drawing laptopsanimation laptops and cheap gaming laptops available in the market. While most good laptops will support most of these functions, having one with the exact match with features will surely help you get the best performance.

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