Best Blue Blocking Glasses For Better Sleep

Best blue blocking glasses for sleep

Have you noticed people are wearing glasses with yellow and red lenses? Did you realize that they may not just be making a fashion statement? Most of the red and yellow lenses you see block blue light. In this review, we check out the best blue-blocking glasses for sleep.

People wear blue-blocking glasses to help people sleep better, but they can also give relief by preventing headaches and migraines for those with light sensitivities. Lesser known is that glasses can also block green light, contributing to poor sleep.

What Are Blue Blocking Glasses?

Blue light glasses are made significantly to block out blue light. Blue light naturally occurs in the sunlight, which is acceptable to access during the day while outside.

But then nighttime arrives, and we still have access to blue light due to artificial lighting and of course, our mobile phones, computers, laptops, television, and tablets.

Light is measured on a spectrum, and blue light occurs at the beginning of this spectrum, containing intense amounts of energy. The range of blue light is estimated at 400 – 495 nm. So what are the best blue-blocking glasses for sleep, and why is this important?

How Does Light Affect Melatonin?

To have melatonin produced at the right time to help you go to sleep, you should get some sun time early in the morning. Ideally, spend around 15 minutes outside when the sun is first up, which will reset your circadian rhythm.

Some people recommend you look at the sun first thing in the morning. This sun-gazing signals your brain to create melatonin for use later that night.

However, if you spend time in artificial light, such as on a laptop or a room with the light turned on, that’s like telling your brain that it is still daytime, so your brain won’t get the signal to release the melatonin required for natural sleep.

You probably have trouble falling asleep unless you have some other method to help you sleep, such as taking sleeping pills, CBD Oil, or another form of melatonin.

Why Do You Need Blue Blocking Glasses For Sleep?

Wear glasses that block out blue light for the last 2 – 3 hours before going to sleep to prevent your brain from getting the messages about it still being daytime. After that, the melatonin starts being made available, and when you go to bed, you go to sleep. Some people call these melatonin glasses or blue-blocking glasses for rest.

For those people who have a sensitivity to artificial light, by wearing blue-blocking glasses, they can function more “normally,” and headaches and migraines can be reduced for them. This can be a game-changer and means they do not have to take any pills or medication to get to sleep.

Should You Use Blue And Green Light Blocking Glasses?

The green light should also be blocked out but is less talked about. Digital devices also produce green light and are measured at 500 – 550 nm, so green light is just as bad at disrupting sleep as blue light is.

According to the Harvard Medical School, green light can help elicit non-visual responses to light, including resetting circadian rhythms, melatonin production, and alerting the brain.

The study suggested that eliminating green light could help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and even Alzheimer’s Disease. That makes sense, given that we need good quality (REM) sleep to eliminate toxins such as iron from the brain.

Not getting quality sleep is also related to several other diseases like cancer and heart disease.

When deciding what sort of glasses to purchase for better sleep, they should block out both blue and green light

What To Look For In The Best Blue Blockers?

The best blue and green light blockers block out 100% of blue and green light, which will be colored yellow or even red. The red glass is required if you want to sleep better, and these should be worn 2 – 3 hours before sleep.

There is a range of stylish glasses available now too. You don’t want to look like you are wearing safety glasses, do you? The best brands have lab tests available to demonstrate the quality of their lenses.

If you are looking for cheap $20 glasses in this review, I will say outright that they probably won’t be blocking out much blue or green light, but we have kept this review to ones that will help you get a better night’s sleep. Please be sure to read the full review, as we have a special offer for you at the end.

The Best Blue Blocking Glasses in 2023

Fashionable Blue Blocking Amber Glasses for Sleep

best fashionable blue blockers

Stylish and fashionable, these are designed to pass as much non-blue light as possible. There is no dark tint, and they are not polarized. The lenses are not that dark in that you can still make eye contact with loved ones.

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Specifications Of The Amber Glasses

  • Tested to block 100% of the light from 280 – 490nm
  • Blocks 99.8% of light in the critical 450 – 510nm range
  • Designed for a medium-sized head

Pros Of The Amber Glasses

  • These are some of the cheaper blue blockers we have reviewed
  • Great customer service

Cons Of The Amber Glasses

  • Some comments did not block blue light well enough.

Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses

best glasses to block out bad light

Up to 99% of blue light is blocked when exposed to any electronic device such as a computer, TV, or phone. You will instantly notice eye relaxation and improved vision. As with other blue blockers, these are designed for enhanced sleep.

BlinkerGreen frames are made of hypoallergenic plant-based plastic (an acetate frame), which is flexible, lightweight, and durable.

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Specifications Of The Swanwick

  • Blocks up to 99% of blue light
  • BlinkerGreen frames are made of hypoallergenic plant-based plastic.

Pros Of The Swanwick

  • An inexpensive pair of blue light blockers
  • A very stylish design
  • Environmentally friendly, with no plastic packaging used.

Cons Of The Swanwick 

  • Some people don’t like the color change they experience

DefenderShield Universal Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue blockers for computer

Blue light can cause digital eye strain and inhibit sleep. With a lightweight polycarbonate frame blue light-blocking resin lens, these glasses filter 99% of blue light (in the 400-500 nm range). Being under $60, these are more affordable than some.

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Specifications Of The DefenderShield

  • Wear at least 2 hours before bedtime to help achieve good quality sleep
  • Orange lens filter blocks 100% of UV light

Pros Of The DefenderShift

  • Having an anti-glare coating helps eliminate reflections
  • It can be worn over other glasses
  • Lots of comments about people being able to fall asleep faster

Cons Of The DefenderShift

  • It can only be worn over glasses that are of smaller size than these

Migraine Glasses for Women

best blue light blocking glasses for migraines


Designed just for migraine relief, these glasses reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches for 9/10 people.

These glasses are ideal for chronic migraine sufferers seeking blue and red light relief. We included these glasses in this review once you stop having migraines. You tend to sleep better as well.

Backed by published research, MigraLens are the only off-the-shelf migraine glasses endorsed by the Migraine Action Association. People who get regular migraines are advised to wear these glasses in artificial light.

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Specifications Of The Migraine Glasses

  • Explicitly made to reduce or prevent migraines
  • Blocks both blue and red light

Pros Of The Migraine Glasses

  • These can be worn outdoors and for driving
  • Available in a range of styles and as clip-on
  • It can reduce the intensity of existing headaches and migraines

Cons Of The Migraine Glasses

  • Some people find them too heavy to wear, so stop wearing them

FAQs About Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Can You Reduce Blue Lights On Your Computer?

A few tools are available that can reduce the amount of blue light produced by your computer or mobile phone. Flux is one of the best-known apps. However, there are also features available on your computer. First, check the Display settings – where you go to adjust your monitor.

Having less blue light produced from your screens will help, but if you are still in a room with a light on or want to watch TV in the evening, then just turning that blue light off or down won’t help you get a better night’s sleep. It is so much easier to wear blue lens glasses for computer use.

Does Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

It is possible to purchase blue-light-blocking glasses that clip on over your prescription glasses. This is an excellent option if you are looking to save some money.

Some people (myself included) have found that this option is often not that comfortable, as the two sets of glasses end up feeling quite bulky on your face.

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