Best Weed Killers For Grass Reviewed (2023)

Best weed killers for grass

The art of getting your lawn smooth, lush green, and weed-free is highly sought after by homeowners worldwide. It’s an art form when done correctly. If only it were that easy! You need to know the best weed killers for grass to get that perfect lawn.

After mowing your lawn at just the right height and feeding it regularly, those weeds are still there. Even when watering your lawn periodically and pulling out some weeds by hand, more appear the next day. Frustrating! I understand. I can relate to how you’re feeling.

What you are not doing is removing the weeds you cannot see. Weeds can spread at an alarming rate. That’s why you need the best weed killers for grass. Let’s take a look at the best:

The Best Weed Killers For Lawns of 2023

Here is our review of the best weed killers for grass and lawns in no particular order.

Roundup Extended Control Weed and Grass Killer

This concentrate by Roundup is a dual-action formula that both kills weeds and prevents new weeds from growing. It is effective for up to 4 months. Guaranteed to kill weeds to the root – if you are not satisfied, you can send an original proof of purchase to request a refund or replacement product.  

Useful for killing weeds on the edges of lawns, driveways, sidewalks, and patios. This is rainproof in just 30 minutes, and results are visible in 6 hours, so it is fast-acting. Users rate this with four stars out of 5.

This is a weed killer concentrate, so read the label and ensure you add the correct amount of water to make up the amount of weed killer you need.  

Best Weed Killer from Roundup

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Pros Of The Roundup Extended Control

  • It contains a dual-action formula that kills weeds effectively
  • Prevents new weeds from growing
  • Remains rainproof for 30 minutes
  • Visibility of results can be as fast as six hours
  • It lasts a long time as this is a concentrate
  • This product has a money-back guarantee

Cons Of The Roundup Extended Control

  • It can kill surrounding plants if not used carefully


Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate Plus

Grass and Weed Killer from Roundup

This product aims to provide a good solution for your weed problems. Guarantees to kill weeds from the root, so they will no longer come back. The product is absorbed via the leaves. It works as soon as it goes to the area of the roots. Thus, it is excellent to use, primarily when the weeds have already spread.

It is a great product to keep your lawn, patio, and driveway looking amazing. This weed killer best uses 2.5 ounces of concentrate for each gallon of water. It is rainproof in 30 minutes. Also, the weeds can become visibly wilted and yellow within two days.

The manufacturer guarantees customer satisfaction. If you have doubts about the product, let them know. They will require your original proof of purchase. You will be refunded for the total purchase price. If you’ve been asking, “What’s the best weed killer for lawns?” this can be a great option.

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Pros Of The Roundup Concentrate Plus

  • Ideal to use in large areas
  • It remains rainproof for 10 minutes
  • Visibility of results can be as fast as two days
  • Concentrated on providing better working power makes it economical to use
  • Effectively kills weeds down to the root

Cons Of The Roundup Concentrate Plus

  • It may need higher concentration for better effectiveness.


RM43 Total Vegetation Control

Best Vegetation Control

RM43 combines the power of two with surfactants and herbicides. In just two hours, it is known to be rainfast. Moreover, you are provided with no restrictions in entry upon spraying on areas. Thus, your pets and other people can safely go into the sprayed area as soon as it dries.

It effectively keeps your lawn clean and free from weed growth. In addition, you are assured of protection for the following year. Looking through the rm43 reviews, we found plenty of people happy to continue using this product.

This product is equipped with Imazapyr and Glyphosate. This kills the weeds from the root and prevents them from growing again.

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Pros Of The RM43

  • It can be utilized as a ground treatment for vegetation prevention
  • Prevents regrowth of weeds of at most one year
  • Great for use in sport control
  • It can be used even in barns and farm buildings
  • Creates several gallons of spray water solution

Cons Of The RM43

  • Effectivity can be improved

Spectracide Weed & Feed 

Weed Stop from Spectracide


Weed Stop from Spectracide is suitable for lawns. It has a concentrated crabgrass killer that stops weeds from increasing. It is known to kill over 250 kinds of weeds. This is a genuinely effective product whose results are visible in the next eight hours.

It is recommended to be applied during the daytime when the temperature ranges from 45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Use on Bermuda grass if the temperature is above 85F.

It kills even the tough weeds without harming the other areas in your lawn. You can refer to the product label for a complete list of weed types. Make sure to use as directed in the instructions. The whole bottle can treat at most 5,000 square feet.

The Spectracide weed and grass killer reviews we read through on Amazon were easy to use, and the results were apparent in a day or two. Spectracide looks to be the best lawn weed killer.

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Pros Of The Sprectracide Weed Stop

  • It kills several weed types effectively
  • Visibility of results can be as fast as eight hours
  • Easy to use with a simple garden hose on the sprayer
  • Treats a large area of lawn
  • Keeps the other areas of the lawn unharmed

Cons Of The Spectracide Weed Stop

  • Encounters issues in effectiveness if not used properly

Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns

Best weed killer for lawns

Weed B Gon has created a weed killer that can kill common grass-related weeds like dandelions, clover, and other broadleaf weeds. In addition, it is guaranteed not to harm your existing lawn when used as directed.  

There are over 250 weeds in this product known to kill. Results can be seen in just a few hours, with full results developing over the next few weeks.

For best results, using weeds while they are actively growing is recommended. One user adds a tablespoon of dawn dishwashing soap per gallon to help it stick better.

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Pros Of The Weed B Gon

  • It kills over 250 different weed types effectively
  • Visibility of results can be seen in hours
  • Is rainproof after just one hour
  • Available in Concentrate and Ready to Spray
  • Treats a large area of lawn
  • Keeps the other areas of the lawn unharmed

Cons Of The Weed B Gon

  • Encounters issues in effectiveness if not used properly

Roundup For Lawns Ready to Use With Pump’ N Go 2 Sprayer

Best weedkiller by Roundup

Roundup has made a weed killer that kills the toughest weeds and grasses to the root. This is guaranteed – you need to send in an original proof of purchase to request a full refund or replacement product.  

As a ready-to-use product, there is no mixing required. It can be used around vegetable gardens, flower beds, and tree rings, as well as on cracks in driveways, walkways, and patios or paths. 

Remarkably, this product is rainproof in just 10 minutes.

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Pros Of The Roundup For Lawns

  • Rainproof in 10 minutes
  • It kills weeds down to the roots
  • Visibility of results can be seen within 6 hours
  • The sprayer provides 5 minutes of continuous spray
  • It saves your back from having to bend over

Cons Of The Roundup For Lawns

  • It can be challenging to set up (if so, re-read the instructions)


Tenacity Turf Herbicide – one of the best

Best weed killer


This herbicide can kill and prevent more than 46 broadleaf weed and grass species from growing with an active ingredient, mesotrione. Mesotrione is based on a naturally occurring compound produced by the bottlebrush plant (Callistemon citrinus), which inhibits photosynthesis in certain plants.  

Weeds that can be controlled include crabgrass, ground ivy, yellow foxtail, yellow nutsedge, and nimblewill. Of note, it prevents and controls crabgrass. This gets a 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so it is well-liked in this category.

Reading through the reviews, this product was considered remarkable for the number of different weeds it treats while leaving your lawn intact. 

New seeds can be put down after spraying, which is unusual for this product. Rocking your lawn is also recommended to help recover your lawn faster.

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Pros Of The Tenacity Turf

  • Has several raving fans in the reviews
  • It kills weeds – not your lawn
  • Great customer service
  • It is not a poison but a chemical that inhibits photosynthesis 
  • Makes 96 gallons of solution

Cons Of The Tenacity Turf

  • You may have to reapply it to get the full effect
  • Visibility of results may take ten days
  • Many people use a teaspoon rather than the syringe provided 


Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide

What's the best weed killer for lawns


Apply Scotts DiseaseEx to dry grass, then water in lightly. While pets can be allowed on the lawn immediately after application, it would pay to leave it for a day and let the granules work into the yard first. DiseaseEx can also be used as a preventative in the spring.

It can treat diseases in lawns that lawn doctors cannot. Many users have reported that this product is well worth the money and solves problems that some professional lawn doctors could not. Works well even in areas with high rainfall. 

Green grass can start reappearing in as little as ten days.

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Pros Of The Scotts DiseaseEx

  • Fast-acting – starts working in 24 hours
  • Controls Brown Patch
  • Works on 26 types of disease
  • One bag  treats up to 5,000 sq feet
  • Excellent customer service

Cons Of The Scotts DiseaseEx

  • You may need a higher dose than stated


Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer

best weed preventer for lawns

Just one application can prevent crabgrass for a whole season. Ensure you apply in spring to prevent crabgrass and problem weeds all season. It can also be used in the fall to avoid moss and winter weeds such as Poa Annua, Henbit, and Chickweed from growing.

We rate this weed killer as the best preventer for grass.

To have a great-looking lawn, Scotts recommends leaving the clipping on the lawn when you mow the lawn. This helps the grass use water more effectively and ensures if you need to water the lawn, then do so between 6 am and 10 am. This way, less water is lost to evaporation, and more gets to the grassroots. 

A preventer for all seasons, you can apply this product during rain, snow, or even freezing weather. The weather will not affect the performance of this product. If you have crabgrass, it is easier to treat with a preventer than a weed killer. 

It is recommended to use it two weeks before crabgrass germination (around a week of 65 + weather).

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Pros Of The Crabgrass Weed Preventer

  • It can be applied during any season
  • Stops and prevents crabgrass
  • Treats up to 5,000 sq ft

Cons Of The Crabgrass Weed Preventer

  • It does require a spreader to apply it
  • It needs to be used before crabgrass starts to grow.


Roundup For Lawns Ready to Use

Best weed and grass killer


This Roundup kills over 250 weeds but won’t harm your lawn. The weeds it kills include crabgrass, dandelion, clover, and yellow nutsedge. Use this weed killer on  Northern grasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fescue, bindweed, bermudagrass, buffalograss, and zoysiagrass.

It starts working immediately and is rainproof in as little as 3 hours. Some people add dish soap, like a tablespoon of Dawn, to help the weedkiller hold better while it does its job.

Be careful when reading the labels. Roundup has different formulations depending on where you live. There are significant differences between Northern and Southern lawns, and the roundup formulas are quite different between the two.

While some lawn lovers say that you can also use a preventer to stop crabgrass, many Amazon reviews say that this product kills crabgrass.  

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Pros Of This Roundup For Lawns

  • Kill over 250 different weeds
  • Rainproof in 3 hours
  • It kills weeds down to the roots
  • Can kill crabgrass

Cons Of This Roundup For Lawns

  • It may need a second application
  • The label could be clearer

Our Recommendation – The Best Weed Killers For Grass

A wide range of products offers slightly different options to kill weeds and prevent regrowth. As lawns can become resistant to one kind of fungicide, applying different ones in a rotation is essential to avoid your lawn becoming immune to any particular fungus.

If you want something more natural, try Tenacity, which is entirely natural and safe to apply.

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