Best Shower Clog Removers To Remove Hair From Drains

Best shower clog remover for hair

Drain cleaners are used to remove drain clogs from showers. They turn sludge into liquids that can flow smoothly down the shower drain. If your shower is not draining and water is starting to build up, you probably need to find the best shower clog drain removers.

If you have long hair, you probably have a clog buildup. First, this article discusses what you need to know about shower clog cleaners. Then we listed out the best shower clog removers available online in 2023.

What is a Liquid Drain Cleaner?

A drain cleaner or opener was initially designed to unblock sewer pipes. However, this product is also used to prevent clogged drains and obstruction buildup.

Most of the best liquid drain cleaners are readily available in hardware stores. As a consumer, you can quickly get the best shower clog remover around should you encounter any issues with your plumbing system.

Shower clog or liquid drain cleaners create a chemical reaction to dissolve the blockage. All sorts of things can cause buildups such as food, grease, and hair, particularly long hair.

By eliminating this blockage, you can get your drains flowing freely again. If you have an ongoing problem with your pipes, it will pay to contact your local plumber to investigate the issue further. In addition, it pays to find the best shower clog removers around.

3 Types Of Clog Cleaners

There are three types of cleaners – acidic, oxidizing, and acid-form. Here is a quick overview of each type of cleaner.

  1. Oxidizing – Oxidizing drain cleaners contain peroxides, nitrates, and bleach. These work by making the built-up material lose its electrons, causing them to oxidize. Products like this usually are heavier as compared to water.
  2. Caustic – Caustic Drain cleaners have ingredients such as caustic potash and lye. They work by allowing heat to transform grease into a soapy substance. Once the blockage is soapy, it is easy to dissolve.
  3. Acid – You probably won’t find an acid drain killer in your local hardware store. You tend to have to be a professional plumber to purchase these. These drain cleaners contain a high concentration of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. These are harmful substances both to the environment and to your health.

In general, liquid drain cleaners have several advantages. First, they keep your home clean and your showers clog-free. So we think it’s important to know which cleaners sold online are helpful and provide excellent value for your money.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Shower Clog Removers

When choosing the best shower drain cleaner, you must look carefully into several factors. Initially, selecting the right product for your blocked shower may seem complicated. So to make it easy, here are some tips for you to consider before purchasing a shower clog cleaner.

  • Blockage type – Identify the level of severity and nature of the obstruction you have. This kind of blockage can determine how strong your liquid drain cleaner needs to be.
  • Maintenance – Are you continually encountering drain clogs? This might signify that your plumbing system, sink, or septic component is ready for some maintenance. Your local plumber is the best person to call for maintenance,  or you can use drain cleaners regularly.
  • Drain cleaner type – There are different cleaner types to choose from. Choose the clog remover, which is best fits your need.
  • Quality – Be sure to choose a product that does not damage your pipes. It should be safe for use, especially at home. And remember, the cheapest may not be the best quality.

Overall, it is essential to note where the drain cleaner will be used. Are you just going to use it at home or in public places such as in showers in restaurants or hospitals? The type of cleaner must be suitable for where you will use it. You are assured of getting the best shower drain clog remover to fit your needs by considering this.

Best Shower Drain Cleaners in 2023

There are several drain cleaners available online today. It is essential to know all their claims, features, and reviews. This way, you can identify which product is best for your shower drain cleaning needs, and more importantly, know which ones will get rid of hair buildup the easiest. Here are some of the best shower drain cleaners in 2020.

Professional Strength Drain Cleaner from Drano

best shower clog removers

This Drano product is made with a thick formula and can dissolve even the toughest clogs. It can dissolve drain obstruction fast and effectively. Using it requires simple steps. First, you need to pour straight into the clog and wait for it to dissolve the gunk.

You no longer need to worry about your dirty mess in the kitchen sink or lavatory as this product delivers. For better results, you can utilize it even overnight. In addition, it will not harm your pipes. This drain cleaner will remove the clog and dissolve any grease or hair.

It is made from good-quality ingredients. One of which protects pipes from possible corrosion during the process. This makes it ideal to use even on PVC, plastic, or metal pipes. Furthermore, it works well on septic systems and in garbage disposal systems.

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Pros Of The Draino Max Gel

  • It has a thick formula for added effectiveness
  • It can be poured directly into the clog
  • Protects pipes against corrosion
  • Safe to use on metal or plastic pipes
  • Works well even when used overnight

Cons Of The Draino Max Gel

  • Utilizes a non-eco-friendly packaging
  • It needs a long period to take effect fully

Grease Clog, Hair Remover, and Drain Cleaner from Green Gobbler

Best hair remover for showers

Designed especially for household drains, this drain cleaner performs well on shower drains, and kitchen sinks. It is can also be used to remove toilet clogs. Moreover, it dissolves clogs quickly and effectively. It can easily dissolve high-density drain obstructions, making it one of the top contenders for being the best drain cleaner.

Its bottle having a dual-chambered design assures you no mess and measuring. You can pour a single chamber every use, and you are good to go. It is recommended to use one compartment for tubs and sinks. If using to unclog a toilet, use the liquid in both chambers.

It is known to be safe for the environment. The product is biodegradable, which follows Green Chemistry’s principles. It is a good choice for people who care for marine life. It is truly an effective product without harmful side effects on the environment. Green Gobbler makes a tremendous all-purpose shower clog remover.

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Pros Of The Green Gobler

  • Easily removes clogs in showers and toilets
  • Dual chambered design of the bottle
  • Effectively dissolves drain obstructions nicely and quickly
  • Works well in the bathroom and kitchen and all kinds of drains and sinks
  • Eco friendly

Cons Of The Green Gobler

  • It can appear thinner in consistency than other drain cleaners

Fast-Acting Drain Opener and Cleaner from Xion Lab

Fast Acting Drain Cleaner

This fast-acting product dissolves grease and long hair quickly from showers. Made from a hydroxide formulation, it has a heavier formula than water. Its thick liquid aids in removing the clog fast and effectively. It works well on removing drain obstructions such as oils, grease, fats, hair, lint, etc.

The pH level is high 13. So it puts up a tough fight with hair clogs. However, it remains eco-friendly. It is odorless and flammable, which makes it ideal for home use. In addition, its tub is made from a biodegradable material, which means the container is recyclable.

Its quality is tested and approved by the regulating body. With this, you can expect outstanding performance for mild or even severe drain clogs. It gives you a balance between safety and your required cleaning power. This is our pick as the fastest-acting and best shower clog remover on the market today.

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Pros Of The Xion Lab

  • Easily dissolves grease and hair
  • NSF organization certified and approved
  • Safe for septic pipes and sewer lines
  • Good cleaning formula
  • It comes with a recyclable bottle

Cons Of The Of The Xion Lab

  • Acidic with a high pH level

Ultimate Main Drain Opener Remover by Green Gobbler

best fast acting shower clog remover

This clog remover can sink through the water to turn tough clogs, including very long hair, into a liquid with a high-density formula.   This allows the clogs to dissolve and flow freely down the drain. As well as hair, this product can remove grease, oils, soap scum, baby wipes, and paper products easily without using caustic chemicals.

It can be used to clear up an existing clog or used regularly to ensure no clogs can build up. While taking care of tough clogs, it remains gentle on pipes and septic systems. It takes around 25 minutes to liquefy hair buildups.

Another quality product from Green Gobbler is tested and approved by the regulating body. With this, you can expect outstanding performance for mild or severe drain clogs. It gives you a balance between safety and cleaning power. Thousands of Amazon reviewers give this product an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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Pros Of The Green Gobbler Main Line

  • Easily dissolves grease and hair
  • Safe for septic pipes and sewer lines
  • Good cleaning formula
  • Has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cons Of The Green Gobbler Main Line

  • It May take longer to work for some situations

TubShroom Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher

How to stop hair building up in shower

As well as being able to remove clogs from showers, you can stop hair from ending up in the shower drain. This product is designed to trap the hair as it winds around the device’s shaft. Pop this into your shower drain, then you pull it out and clean it off to get your shower flowing smoothly again.

As there are no chemicals used, this is one of the most eco-friendly options we can suggest to you. So why not order one at the same time as the clog remover? This works great for human hair and pet hair and is super easy to install – no plumber is required here.

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Pros Of The TubShroom

  • Easily captures hair
  • No chemicals used
  • Catches human and pet hair
  • No special installation required

Cons Of The TubShroom

  • Will require regular cleaning

Liquid Clog Remover by Green Gobbler

Best drain clog dissolver

The Green Gobbler Drain clog dissolver is designed to work in the rounds of pipes where clogs build up and solidify. This formula works great on dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, and everything organic, which can need unclogging. Comments from reviewers recommend hot water is used for the best effect.

Working within minutes is an easy way to get rid of that shower clog buildup.   It is an ultra-thick formula. It can cling to pipes and keep working for longer. It’s safe to use in pipes, toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. Green Gobbler states it is safer to use this product than drain openers like sodium hydroxide or bleach, and it works a lot faster than most other drain uncloggers around.

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Pros Of This Green Gobbler

  • A non-corrosive formula that won’t harm pipes
  • Rapidly dissolves hair
  • It is considered a safe product

Cons Of This Green Gobbler

  • Requires hot water for best effect

Whink Hair Clog Blaster

easy way to remove hair from showers

Another excellent choice for blasting through hair and soap scum in showers, ensuring your drains can run free. The Whink Hair Clog Blaster is designed for showers. The thick, fast, and professional strength formula pours through standing water, liquefies, and breaks down hair, as well as able to break down soap scum.

This product is safe to use on pipes and septic systems. This product is manufactured in the United States. Many comments say this product worked when other ones didn’t make too much of a difference. Worth a try if you have a decent buildup of hair in your shower.

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Pros Of The Whink Hair Clog Blaster

  • Fast-acting on hair
  • A non-corrosive formula that won’t harm pipes
  • Manufactured in the United States

Cons Of The Whink Hair Clog Blaster

  • None to mention

FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake – Clog Remover Kit

tool to remove hair from shower drain

When you have a substantial buildup and reach it, it is sometimes faster to hook it out. Then, using a drain clog remover kit, you can access all sorts of clogs and remove them immediately. With 360-degree rotation, the Weasel pipe snake effectively tackles shower clogs, and there is no chance of damaging your pipes. 

This is extra long with an 18-inch design because these drain pipe cleaners are flexible and thin. So deep, hard-to-reach clogs can be easily accessed, hooked onto, and removed. This setup is easy to use and works in just three steps. First, insert the wand, rotate the handle, and remove the clog. When you’re done, toss the head in the trash.

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Pros Of The FlexiSnake

  • Immediately attaches onto clogs.
  • Disposable, with five sink snakes in the pack
  • It saves on having to get a plumber in

Cons Of The FlexiSnake

  • You do get to see the clog when you hook it out.

These are just some of the drain cleaner suggestions in the market for the best shower clog removers. All of them gained positive reviews from most customers. So, we recommend you look further into their features and reviews before purchasing.

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