10 Best Laptops For Writers (Authors And Journalists) In 2018

ASUS ZenBook FHD 13.3-Inch Laptop

There are tons of laptops in the gadget market and the best laptops often come as products of high-profile companies including HP, Acer, Apple, etc. While it is clear that you can get quality laptops from these companies, you may still have to check out many of their laptop models before pointing out what is best for you. People can have different reasons for buying laptops. While these reasons range from varying budgets to preferences, it is very essential that you take certain things into account if you’ll be buying a laptop mainly for the purpose of writing. So, in this article, we are going to review 10 best laptops for writers.

What Makes a Laptop Perfect for Writing?

As a professional writer, it’s beyond doubts that you need a reliable laptop and by reason of this, you should think about the qualities that make a laptop perfect for writing. Meanwhile, a suitable laptop for writing must provide adequate speed, reliable battery, user-oriented keyboard and satisfactory overall performance.

In deciding the best laptop for writers, you may want to go for the most affordable option especially if you’re on a tight budget. Of course, it’s a great thing to opt for one of the cheap laptops out there but to avoid getting disappointed afterward, ensure the cheap laptop you have chosen offers all the qualities that will meet your writing needs.

To help you in the quest to purchase a suitable laptop for your writing needs, we have come up with the reviews of the 10 Best Laptops for Writers (Authors and Journalists) in 2018. While these laptops come as products of reputable brands including Acer, Microsoft, HP, and Asus, it’s very important that you review them carefully to eventually decide which one is best for your liking, budget, and needs.

10 Best Laptops For Writers (Authors and Journalists)

1. Acer Aspire E 15’’ Full HD Notebook

 Acer Aspire E 15’’ Full HD Notebook is one of the best laptops for writersCheck Price On Amazon

Aspire E 15 is a great laptop that offers comfortable viewing experience courtesy of its 15.6’’ Full HD widescreen. The laptop boasts sufficient battery life –up to 12 hours –and further crams a massive 256GB storage memory.

Interestingly, it’s compatible with the Acer Color Bast technology and considering its ample 8GB DDR4 memory, it is capable of delivering the excellent performance that authors, writers, and other users can expect of it.

As part of its key specifications, this laptop features a 7th-generation Intel Core processor operating at 3.1GHz and delivering a powerful rate of processing. For magnificent browsing experience, it packs a 802.11ac wireless connectivity paired with the latest MU MIMO technology. All these features make it one of the best laptops for writers available right now.


♣    Great battery life –up to 12 hours of normal usage

♣    Comes with Turbo technology for boosting its processor rate

♣    Offers Full HD and comfortable viewing experience

♣    Built with high-quality sound system

♣    Comes with quality keyboard

♣    Boots up quickly

♣    Has MU-MIMO technology that improves Wi-Fi performance


♣    No external power button

♣    The touchpad is extremely sensitive

♣    Viewing angles on the screen are a little bit poor for certain colors

2. Acer Aspire E 15’’ FHD Notebook

One of the best laptops for authorsCheck Price On Amazon

This laptop is one of the lovely products in the Aspire E Series with spectacular specifications and excellent performance. This one is a little more affordable than the previous one, making it a perfect laptop for writers with a tight budget. It comes with a 6-cell Li-ion battery, pegged at 2800 mAh, and delivering up to 12 hours of average usage. Courtesy of its considerable battery life, it will serve authors and writers for reasonable hours on a daily basis.

Featuring a 15.6’’ Full HD widescreen, this gadget is an excellent laptop with 7th generation Intel Core processor operating at 2.4GHz. Also, it offers great efficiency through its 4GB DDR memory and its OS of Windows 10. For users to enjoy excellent and swift wireless experience, the laptop features 802.11ac wireless type paired with MU-MIMO technology. Overall, this is another cool option when it comes to find the best laptops for writers.


♣    Offers great battery life

♣    Its LED-backlit doesn’t consume much energy

♣    Features high definition audio support

♣    Easy for novices to upgrade

♣    Delivers great speed


♣    Gaming possibilities are reduced by the integrated graphics card

♣    According to a user, the battery can be quite difficult to remove

3. Apple 13.3’’ MacBook Air

One of the best laptops for journalists Check Price On Amazon

This MacBook is one of Apple’s great products as it features excellent Wi-Fi performance coupled with considerable battery life –the battery sustains users for up to 12 hours of normal usage.

Packed with faster SSD storage, this device would be a suitable laptop for both journalists and writers to make their official tasks more convenient. Considering its slim body –measuring only 2.96 pounds in weight –this laptop would be very convenient for use while on the go.

Besides its advanced wireless type of 802.11ac –rated far greater than the previous Wi-Fi generation –Apple 13.3’’ comes with 5th-generation Intel Core processors that ensure swift processing of tasks. All these features make it a wonderful choice among all these best laptops for writers.


♣    Comes with efficient SSD storage

♣    Produces faster wireless performance

♣    Offers amazing 12 hours of battery life

♣    Ultra slim for convenient carriage purposes

♣    Allows for easy access and smooth operation

♣    The keyboard is well lit for convenient use at night or in dark places


♣    Some customers have complained about the screen

♣    No CD drive is included

♣    Using the pad can be a little bit awkward, according to a user

4. Microsoft Surface Book 13.5-Inch Multi-Touch Laptop

Microsoft Surface Book 13.5-Inch Multi-Touch Laptop for writersCheck Price On Amazon

Coming as one of Microsoft’s incredible products, Microsoft Surface Book is a 2-in-1 Notebook packed with the aspect ratio of 3:2 and screen resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels. Alongside its OS of Windows 10 Pro, users of this laptop will enjoy its lovely multi-touch gestures.

All users, including authors and writers, will enjoy this Microsoft Surface Book which can be conveniently used as a tablet by separating its screen from the dock. With its 6th-generation dual-core processor, the Surface Book delivers a high level of performance. In weight, the laptop measures 3.48 pounds and further packs a whopping 128GB for storage purposes. If budget is not an issue for you, this can be the best laptop for writers!


♣    Very easy to carry

♣    Comes with Surface Pen for amazing writing experience

♣    Can be easily used as a tablet

♣    Provides substantial battery life

♣    Produces bright viewing experience

♣    Features easy-to-use multi-touch gestures


♣    Takes potentially long time to charge fully

♣    Can be quite awkward/difficult to open the lid after closing

5. Microsoft Surface 13.5-Inch Laptop

Microsoft Surface 13.5-Inch LaptopCheck Price On Amazon

Packed with high-quality features, Microsoft Surface laptop is lightweight and offers a pleasurable feel for typing –thanks to its Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard. It boasts considerable video playback up to 14.5 hours and further sports 7th-generation Intel Core i5 processor.

Also, it packs 256GB of hard drive storage and courtesy of its fabric-covered keyboard, both journalists and authors will enjoy this laptop for typing documents conveniently. Moreover, it offers Microsoft-verified apps and to provide maximum security for files in the cloud, the laptop is equipped with One Drive. Coming with Windows 10 S as its OS, Microsoft Surface is capable of offering the superior level of performance users can expect of it.


♣    Very slim and easy to carry

♣    Comes with Surface Dock

♣    Features bright touchscreen with a great resolution

♣    Has Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard for a great typing experience

♣    Allows for a convenient switch to Windows 10 Pro


♣    Not possible to return to Windows 10 S after switching to Windows 10 Pro

♣    SSD seems boring and slow in 256GB variants

6. Acer Aspire E 15’’ (T8TJG) Full-HD Laptop

Acer Aspire E 15’’ (T8TJG) Full-HD LaptopCheck Price On Amazon

Weighing 4.92 pounds, this Aspire 15.6-inch Full HD is a “high-performance’’ laptop that features Windows 10 plus a 6-hour average battery life, this has to be one of the best laptops for writers in the market. Besides its 802.11.ac wireless type, this laptop packs other amazing specifications including an 8GB SD RAM and Intel Core i7 processor earmarked at 2.7GHz.

Journalists, writers and book authors who handle bulky multimedia work would enjoy using this laptop especially for its reliability and superior performance. For the pleasure of entertainment, the laptop comes with two in-built stereo speakers while its HD webcam delivers excellent photography. Interestingly, the hard drive of this Acer Aspire laptop packs a gargantuan size of 1 TB that enables users to store over 280, 000 songs, 600, 000 photos and lots of HD videos.


♣    Allows for convenient handling of multiple multimedia tasks

♣    Comes with a 1TB hard drive for storing lots of songs, photos, and HD videos

♣    Has two in-built stereo speakers for excellent audio experience

♣    Battery charges excellently

♣    Facilitates swift running of games

♣    Built with excellent, fast and up-to-date ports


♣    Battery life is slightly low –only 6 hours of average usage

♣    Battery drains faster than expected

♣    Keyboard has no light

7. ASUS ZenBook FHD 13.3-Inch Laptop

ASUS ZenBook FHD 13.3-Inch LaptopCheck Price On Amazon

Considered one of the best laptops out there, this Asus ZenBook features a 1.2MP HD camera and super-fast Wi-Fi type of 802.11ac. For delivering clear and amazing graphics, the laptop comes with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 on 13.3-inch IPS multi-touch display.

ASUS ZenBook performs excellently courtesy of its 6th-generation Intel Core operating at 2.3GHz –and up to 2.8GHz for Turbo. Writers and authors who want great presentations for their works will make a success with this laptop not only for its high-level performance but also for its massive 256GB of SSD storage. More interestingly, it offers an excellent and intuitive touch experience to its users.

Powerfully built with Windows 10, it is further backed with a one-year validity period for each of ADP (Accidental Damage Protection) and warranty.

If you are looking to use your laptop for drawing purpose as well, you can check out the best laptop for drawing.


♣    Boots up quickly

♣    Built with responsive and excellent touchscreen

♣    Comes with one-year ADP and one-year warranty

♣    Delivers visuals with amazing clarity

♣    Lets users add a second SSD

♣    Features Turbo technology for boosting processor rate


♣    The graphics card might not be the best for some users

♣    Colour quality might not be the best; some users claim yellow and green almost look alike

8. HP Pavilion FHD 15.6-Inch Laptop

HP Pavilion FHD 15.6-Inch LaptopCheck Price On Amazon

This HP Pavilion is one of the lovely laptops with 1TB of storage memory. Packed with the wireless type of 802.11ac, it delivers excellent performance through its 7th-generation Intel Core 2.7GHz processor –with Turbo operating at 3.5GHz.

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the non-touch screen of this laptop offers Full HD IPS and vibrant graphics for images. Writers and authors of all sorts will likely enjoy using the laptop for their daily activities of typing and storing files. Furthermore, this beast of a laptop is compatible with Windows 10 and in weight, it measures 4.21 pounds. Notably, there is a whopping 12GB SD RAM which adds to the elegance of the product.


♣    Features Turbo technology for boosting processor rate

♣    Comes with whopping RAM storage of 12GB

♣    Has a capacitive hard drive of 1TB

♣    Offers top-quality features and delivers superb performance

♣    Built with a wide-angle HD camera


♣    Updates take time to load

♣    Doesn’t load a wireless mouse quickly, according to a user

9. HP Notebook 15’’ 15.6-Inch Laptop

HP Notebook 15’’ 15.6-Inch LaptopCheck Price On Amazon

This laptop features antiglare WLED backlit integrated with 15.6-inch diagonal FHD screen measuring 1920 x 1080 as pixel resolution.  For users, including authors, journalists, and writers, to have the best of experience and get things done excellently, the laptop features Windows 10.

As part of its key features, this HP Notebook packs an 8GB of SDRAM and features 6th-generation Intel Core processor pegged at 2.3GHz and stretching up to 2.8GHz for Turbo. Interestingly, it also gives an avenue for a super-impressive storage capacity courtesy of its 1TB hard drive. It weighs up to 4.73 pounds and offers 7hours, 15 minutes of battery life. Quite frankly, this is manageable for journalists and writers to execute a considerable amount of their official daily tasks without the need to charge the laptop frequently.

If you are also a gamer, you can choose from these best gaming laptops under $600.


♣    Comes with Turbo boosting technology

♣    Designed with anti-glare WLED backlit

♣    Boasts reliable level of performance

♣    Produces quality graphics and amazing display

♣    Packs 1TB of hard drive storage


♣    Not very great for gaming particularly involving new heavy-featured games

♣    Has a slightly stiff touchpad, according to some users

10. HP Envy Notebook 13’’ 13.3-Inch Laptop

HP Envy Notebook 13’’ 13.3-Inch LaptopCheck Price On Amazon

Considered one of HP’s spectacular products, this laptop is a 13.3-inch Notebook with a lightweight body weighing up to 3.31 pounds.  Packed with a Lithium-ion battery that offers 14 hours of average usage, the HP Envy features the new Windows 10 and 256GB of hard drive storage. Meanwhile, its hard drive performs 17 times faster than that of an ordinary Notebook.

Not only will it serve writers and journalists for long hours without the need to recharge the battery often, it will also deliver spectacular performance through its 8GB DDR3 RAM and its 7th-generation Intel processor pegged at 2.5GHz.


♣    Produces great audio quality

♣    Has hard drive with a much faster performance

♣    Boasts superb battery life estimated around 14 hours of average usage

♣    Allows for efficient and convenient multi-tasking

♣    Comes with an excellent backlit keyboard


♣    Build quality is not really up to par

♣    The trackpad is rather tiny; doesn’t really allow for smooth tracking, according to a user

♣    Livesafe, Dropbox, Office 365 and certain other bloatware likely to pop up when booting up the laptop

♣    Might not be a suitable option for game addicts

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