The Best Hot Tubs On The Market In 2023: REVIEWED

best hot tubs

Have you ever been to a hotel or spa where they had deep hot tubs? If so, you may be interested in learning about the best hot tubs on the market.

If you’ve had a spa at a fancy hotel, you probably enjoyed the experience.

A hot tub is a large tub or a small pool filled with water for hydrotherapy, relaxation, and pleasure. Some spas feature powerful jets for massage purposes.

Why Should You Buy A Hot Tub?

A spa can rejuvenate your body and mind. It’s one of the most relaxing experiences, which is precisely why everyone loves a bubble bath. It also makes bathing a lot more enjoyable. But buying a spa can be a daunting venture, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Choosing the suitable model for you and your family is much easier when you know the basics of simple technical details. Just as well we have compared the best of the hot tubs.

What Are The Basics Of Hot Tubs?

You need to know what aspects to consider to make an expensive purchase. Those essential factors are:

  • Size – Size is usually affected by the space available in your desired location and the number of people that will use the spa.
  • Comfort – Depth, variety, legroom, lounge fit, and control access are all comfort factors to consider.
  • Hydrotherapy – Some people want a powerful hydro massage. To maximize your massaging experience, consider the jet type and placement. Jet count is not the most important since variety and position are just as important. Also, consider flow adjustability.
  • Ease of maintenance – Look for a spa that won’t require much care to clean and clear water. Consider a CD ozone generator, as it will reduce the amount of sanitizer needed, keeping the water crisp and clean. Generally, more excellent spas feature small circulation pumps that continuously filter the water.
  • Energy efficiency – Your spa’s operating cost is primarily determined by its ability to retain heat. Therefore, ensure that your hotel has effective insulation for the shell and plumbing.
  • Reliability – Buying a durable hot tub that will stand the test of time is an essential consideration for most potential owners. Look for a well-built spa with high-quality materials and components backed up by a reputable dealer and manufacturer.
  • Safety – Check to ensure that the hot tub is listed by a testing agency such as ETL or UL. Also, make sure that you use a qualified electrician to connect the electrical service to the spa. Also, check the safety recommendations in the manual.

The Best Hot Tubs In 2023

In no order, here is the ultimate comparison of the best hot tubs in 2023. But first, I will look at the pros and cons of each one and explain how to INVEST in a hot tub!

SaluSpa Paris AirJet

Nothing’s more relaxing than having a few friends over on a warm summer day and having a cold beer while relaxing in the bath. With SaluSpa Paris AirJet, you can host these get-togethers whenever you want.

the best portable hot spa

SaluSpa Paris AirJet allows you to have your own spa experience at home, eliminating the need to go to the local sauna or spa resort. Its 77″ round body with 26″ height is suitable for a small 4-6 people group. The material used for the body is TriTech 3-ply polyester covered by PVC layers, which offers superior strength, durability, and puncture resistance.

It can host 250 gallons of water with 350 gallons per hour of water flow. The maximum heat it can sustain is 104° F, which is excellent if you enjoy bathing in hot water.

Pros Of The SaluSpa Paris

  • For six people
  • Bubbles are just the right speed for relaxation
  • Easy to setup
  • It has a LED light show

Cons Of The SaluSpa Paris

  • No batteries for the remote
  • The heaters could be faster

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Coleman SaluSpa

Coleman has a wide range of high-quality recreational and camping products that cover much of the market’s demand. For example, SaluSpa in an inflatable hot tub made by Coleman, claiming it brings all the health benefits and relaxation a regular hot tub provides.

best coleman hot tub

The 71″ diameter allows you to fit the hot tub even in tight spaces. However, it also means less legroom for the bathers. The inflatable walls are made out of TriTech material. It provides excellent strength and durability and offers incredible support for your back.

It can house 254 gallons of water heated up to 104°F. There are also 60 air jets responsible for delivering a decent spa massage experience.

The package includes the pump with a digital control panel, chemical floater, filter, wrench, repair patch, etc. There are also written and DVD instruction manuals for a more straightforward setup.

Pros Of The Coleman SaluSpa

  • Quick assembly
  • Heats quickly
  • It does not produce noise when operational

Cons Of The Coleman SaluSpa

  • It can fit only four adults

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SaluSpa Miami AirJet

This product offers excellent value for an inflatable hot tub due to its numerous features. Fully inflated, it has a diameter of 71″, a height of 26″, and can hold up to 177 gallons of water.

best hot tub

The material used to make this model is a polyester mesh core laminated with PVC layers. It’s very rigid, durable, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. In addition, it’s easy to set up, taking less than an hour to fill up with air.

Filling it up with water is just as easy. It’s suggested that you run a hose from the house hot water if you can. That way, you can cut the wait time until the water heats to the optimum 104°F. Otherwise, the water takes about 18-24 hours to heat.

The SaluSpa features 120 jets, which is plenty for its size. Perfect for soaking sore muscles, destressing after a day’s work, or even as a luxurious treat.

Pros Of The Miami

  • Tons of usable features
  • Easy to setup
  • It doesn’t use much electricity

Cons Of The Miami

  • It doesn’t offer much legroom

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Intex PureSpa 85″

People notice this model’s size and elegant design. Six people can easily enjoy being in this spa.

best large hot tub which is portable

This 85″ diameter and 28″ high model can store up to 290 gallons of water. In addition, thanks to the materials subjected to Fiber-Tech technology, it’s exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant.

With the ability to hold up to six people, this model has an easy-to-use control panel that activates the 170 high-powered jets. They are super helpful in providing a relaxing massage. You can set the water temperature up to 104°F. With the built-in rigid water treatment system, the treated hot water is gentler on the skin, clothes, and the entire spa system.

Pros Of The Intex

  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Easy to inflate and deflate

Cons Of The Intex

  • It doesn’t come with maintenance accessories

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