10 Best Heated Vests And Jackets Reviewed In 2023

best heated vest

Are you struggling to stay warm during winter days? Well, then, you might be someone who will benefit from the best-heated vests and jackets.

Many people find themselves dragging blankets through the house, but what happens when you have to venture outside?

This is where a heated vest can help you stay warm:

It’s among the most valuable things that can help you if you’re prone to cold. You don’t want to be freezing like this guy:

best heated vest

Wear a heated vest when working (or playing) outside, where it’s inappropriate to carry a blanket or a hot water bottle.

How Do Heated Vests Work?

Heated vests work in the same principle as all other heated clothing. They all have small electrical wires throughout the jackets. A low electric charge passes through and heats them.

All heated pieces of garment work like this, although some slight differences may apply. For example, vests and jackets have wires in rectangular patches.

This helps focus all the heat on specific areas. Garments usually have one pad in the back and two on the front.

Are Heated Vests Safe?

People often avoid heated clothing due to safety reasons. However, before you claim this isn’t safe, you should consider the construction.

A good vest, or any other heating garment, should have a temperature sensor and in-line fuses to protect against power surges.

This means the vest will shut down once it heats to the desired temperature.

This way, it prevents overheating.

These vests have a low voltage of 12V and 7.4V in the wires and the controller. It’s a non-hazardous voltage, so there are no chances of electrical shock even if the vest is wet.

You also cannot experience an electrical shock on exposed wires.

How To Choose Heated Vests And Jackets?

It’s confusing.

There are many heated vests and jackets, and it’s impossible to know which one to buy.

Buying a heated vest isn’t as hard, although there are a few things you should pay attention to. Of course, the first thing you want to think about is how you’ll use the garment.

Other factors to consider are the heat settings and other features such as materials, lining, size, etc.

Think about what you’ll be doing when you’re wearing the vest. For example, some people want to stay warm while lying on their couch, while others want to wear a vest while shoveling snow.

best heated vest

You can use it for activities such as walking your dog, running, hiking, biking, skiing, etc. This is where you’ll have to choose between casual pieces and those made for snow sports.

The next thing to consider is battery power and heating settings. These usually have low, medium, and high heat settings that impact how long the battery lasts. When the temperature is low, the battery lasts longer but doesn’t produce much heat.

Batteries usually last around two hours on high settings and up to eight hours on low. Still, most people turn the heat up and down and keep switching it on and off, impacting the battery.

Now that you know how these work and what you should pay attention to, you can proceed to the top 10 heated vests. We researched for hours before we chose these products:

Top 10 Heated Vests in 2023

Arris 7.4V Warm Vest for Hiking Camping

The Arris 7.4 is a unisex vest that’s adjustable and invisible under your jacket.

Best heated vest for camping

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It comes with a 7.4V 6600mAh Lipo battery and five heating panels. You unzip the zippers under each arm and replace the panels to adjust it.

Its five heating levels work from 40°C to 80°C making this one ideal for outdoor activities in the snow. Use it for skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, fishing, hunting, etc. Still, you can also use it at home, on your way to work, or in the office.

The battery lasts about seven hours, and because it’s portable, you can also use it to charge your phone or another gadget. This one offers more power and better blood circulation. It also helps with muscle pain relief.

For safety, the product has a built-in thermal protection module. This is a tremendous heated vest for a motorcycle driver because it can fit underneath something you might be wearing!

Pros Of The Arris 7.4

  • Hand, machine, dry wash
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Works as a portable battery for a phone

Cons Of The Arris 7.4

  • It might give you underarm cuts

VOLT Women’s Cracow Heated Vest

The Volt is a quilted nylon vest with 3-zone heating and two panels. It’s designed for women and comes in several sizes.

Best heated vest for women

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The two panels are in the chest, and there’s another large one in the back. The entire garment is made with thermally efficient polyester fiber for insulation. It weighs approximately 80 grams.

This one goes as high as up to 76°C with two hours of battery when at such a high setting.

You get about ten hours on the lowest setting.

The vest is made with a nylon shell and lining, so it’s pretty durable. It doesn’t tear or rip as quickly, so you can use it for all kinds of activities. The fiber insulation keeps you warm as you work outside or walk on a cold winter day.

Pros Of The Cracow Heated Vest

  • Good insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish

Cons Of The Cracow Heated Vest

  • It doesn’t hold the battery for long when not in use

Ororo Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest

If you want a tailored, lightweight design, check out the Ororo Men’s heated vest. It allows unrestricted movement and is also resistant to water and wind.

Best heated vest for motorcycling

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This heated vest has four carbon fiber heating elements across the collar and mid-back.

It has some underneath the two pockets for some added core warmth. The three heating settings are fully adjustable and easy to use.

It features a 7.4V UL/CE certified battery that provides up to ten hours on a single charge. On top of that, you can use it to charge smartphones with a USB cable.

The Ororo men’s model is ideal for casual wear while commuting, walking your dog, etc. When hiking, camping, riding, and fishing, you can also use it. It’s slim enough to fit under your jacket.

Pros Of The Ororo Men’s Heated Vest

  • Easy to wash
  • Charges phones
  • Heated collar

Cons Of The Ororo Men’s Heated Vest

  • Weaker zipper

Ororo Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest

If you liked the men’s model we discussed above, you should consider this one for you, your spouse, sister, mother, or any other woman in your life.

Best womens heated vest

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The tailored design is sleek and stylish, so you can wear it without a jacket if it’s not too cold outside. In addition, it has an insulated design that doesn’t impact movement in any way.

This one is also resistant to water and wind. It has four carbon fiber heating elements in the mid-back and the collar. Some parts are located under the pockets to keep your core warm.

It has three settings, so the battery should last about ten hours on the lowest one. Of course, you can use the 7.4V battery to charge your phone, too.

Pros Of The Ororo Women’s Heated Vest

  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery

Cons Of The Ororo Women’s Heated Vest

  • It takes a long time to charge

Prosmart Polar Fleece Lightweight Waistcoat

You should consider this one if you’re looking for something unisex. It comes in several sizes, but the overall style is universal and ideal for both men and women.

Best heated vest for camping


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The Prosmart Polar Fleece heats your lower and upper back. It’s an efficient design that allows rapid warm-up. For this reason, it’s instrumental in freezing weather.

It has three temperature settings to choose from; low, medium, and high. The 10000 mAh power bank offers 4.5 to 12 hours of use, depending on the setting you select, and it can also charge your phone. It heats up from 40°C to 60°C.

Another convenient feature is the extra pocket you can use for your phone or house keys. It’s also important to mention that the fleece material is lightweight, flexible, and easy to wash.

Pros Of The Prosmart Polar Fleece

  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Compact battery
  • It has a zipper pocket

Cons Of The Prosmart Polar Fleece

  • 10-hour charging time

Afonso Men’s Heated Vest

The Afunso model is windproof, waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. It’s the polyamide fiber that keeps you warm at all times.

Best heated vest for hunting

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On the inside, it features 230D Taffeta, which is quite resistant to cold and wind. In addition, it’s a durable fabric that’s safe to wash in a washing machine.

The three heating zones and three heating levels provide all the versatility you need. It heats in the chest and back, allowing you to choose between low, medium, and high settings. The battery lasts for eight hours on the low level, six hours on the medium, and four hours on the high.

It’s a 7.4V, 4400 mAh battery that you can recharge using your Android or Apple charger. The LED indicator is only let when you charge it on one of those two. When you shake it, the LED will show you the remaining energy.

Pros Of The Afunso

  • Different charging methods
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Ideal for windy areas

Cons Of The Afunso

  • Focused heat

Cherokee Women’s Bonded Fleece Med Tech Vest

If you want something more appropriate for the office, check out the V-neck heated vest by Cherokee. It’s unique, sleek, and elegant, so that you can wear it to more formal and business-like events.

Best heated vest for working women

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It’s made of polyester, cotton, and spandex and in several sizes. The neat and tailored design is quite attractive, and nobody will be able to tell it’s a heated vest.

It’s lightweight and well-insulated, so it doesn’t restrict your movement. Plus, its three carbon fiber heating elements distribute the heat all over the core areas, such as the chest and mid-back.

People also like its quick heating. The 7.4V CE-certified battery takes only a few seconds to heat the vest. It provides up to eight hours of use before you’ll have to recharge it.

Pros Of The Cherokee

  • Machine washable
  • Elegant design
  • Quick heating

Cons Of The Cherokee

  • No place for the battery

Gyde Men’s Calor Puffer

This is advertised as a men’s vest, although it’s a pretty gender-neutral design. The outer shell is resistant to water and wind, so you can wear it under your jacket and in the harshest winters.

Best heated vest for hiking

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The 287g synthetic insulation is equally distributed, traps all the heat, and helps stay warm for longer.

This one has four heating zones: the collar, the back, and two zones in the chest area.

It heats up to almost 80°C and has a dual-mode 7V battery. In addition, the Gyde comes with a wall charger that takes about six hours to recharge your battery to its total capacity. You will then get from two to four hours of heating.

Interestingly, it comes in several sizes and colors you can choose from, which is ideal if you want to buy more than one.

Pros Of The Gyde

  • Lightweight
  • Four heating zones
  • Battery pocket

Cons Of The Gyde

  • Sizes run a bit small

Arris Heated Vest for Men

Best outdoors heated vest

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Arris is a reliable company, so it doesn’t surprise that their vests are as popular. One of the best-selling models is this casual piece.

It’s one-size-fits-all and suitable for women, men, and children. The five heating levels provide 40°C to 80°C, allowing better blood circulation. This also helps with relieving pain and muscle strain.

This one doesn’t come with a battery, but you can use your power bank to charge it as long as it has a 5V / 2.1A USB port.

It’s ideal for all who love spending time outdoors but are prone to coldness. Use it when you camp, hike, cycle, skate, etc. Plus, the thermal protection module helps prevent overheating.

Pros Of The Arris

  • Built-in safety system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Universal size

Cons Of The Arris

  • No battery included

Doace Insulated Heated Vest For Men And Women

Consider this one if you’re into motorcycling and don’t want to stop on windy days. It’s made of lightweight polyester that’s comfortable and soft.

heated vest for men and women

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The insulation traps the heat but doesn’t add any weight or restrict your movement. It has five carbon fiber heating elements that focus on your back and abdominal area. The three settings are simple to use, but there’s no battery included.

This one has a 4cm adjustment on both sides, allowing you to customize the fit. It’s ideal if you’re planning on sharing the product.

You can use it for camping, fishing, hiking, or working in the yard and construction. It’s equally suitable for women and teenagers as well. You can wash it in the machine or by hand, but ensure you air dry it.

Pros Of The Doace

  • Adjustable fit
  • Five heating elements
  • Unisex

Cons Of The Doace

  • No battery is included.

What Is The Best Heated Vest?

Well, it’s entirely dependent on what you will be using it for.

There are fantastic heated vests like the Med Couture women’s heated vest, which is more subtle. These are good for working in services and getting cold, for example, a server who gets hard while working outside.

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