10 Best Drain Cleaner Or Clog Remover Reviews In 2021

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Drain cleaners are used to remove drain clogs quickly and efficiently. They allow liquids to flow smoothly into drains. If you are experiencing a slow flow of fluid in your drain or a total clog, it is recommended to get the best drain cleaner immediately. In this article, we discuss critical information about drain cleaners. Then we provide you with some of the best drain cleaners available online in 2021.

What Is A Liquid Drain Cleaner?

A drain cleaner or opener is a product that aids in unblocking sewer pipes. This product is also utilized to prevent clogged drains and obstruction build up. Most of the best liquid drain cleaners are readily available in hardware stores. As a consumer, you can quickly get the best drain cleaner around should you encounter any issues with your plumbing system.

Liquid drain cleaners create a chemical reaction that dissolves the obstruction. These obstructions can be waste, such as food, grease, and hair. By eliminating this buildup, you can return to a highly functioning plumbing system. We recommend you consult with your local plumber to know more about the features of liquid drain cleaners.

There are three types of cleaners – caustic, oxidizing, and acid-form. Provided below is a quick overview of each cleaner type.

  1. Caustic – Drain cleaners under the caustic type contains ingredients such as caustic potash and lye. They are in a form that allows heat to transform grease into a soapy substance. This makes the obstruction easy to dissolve.
  2. Oxidizing – Drain cleaners with oxidizing type utilize peroxides, nitrates, and bleach. These substances make the obstructing material lose their electrons, causing these to oxidize. Products under this type usually are heavier compared with water.
  3. Acid – Drain killers under the acid type are not found generally in stores. They are sold only to professional plumbers. This is because they contain a high concentration of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. These are harmful substances not only to your health but also to the environment.

In general, liquid drain killers provide several advantages. They keep your home clean and your sinks clog-free. So it’s essential to know which cleaners sold in the market are effective and provide excellent value for your money.

Things To Consider With The Best Drain Cleaner

When finding the best drain cleaner, you must look into several factors before purchasing a drain cleaner.

  • Blockage type – Identify the level of severity and nature of the obstruction you are encountering. This can indicate how strong should your liquid drain cleaner should be.
  • Maintenance – Are you continually encountering drain clogs? This might signify that your plumbing system, sink, or septic component needs some attention, such as regular maintenance. You can get services from your local plumber or use drain cleaners regularly.
  • Drain cleaner type – There are different cleaner types. Select the type which is more appropriate for your need.
  • Quality – Get a product that does not damage your pipes. It should be safe for use, especially at home. Moreover, you should consider quality ahead of price.

Overall, it is essential to note where the drain cleaner shall be used. Are you just going to utilize it at home or at public places such as restaurants and hospitals? The type of cleaner must be suitable to the place where you will use it. By considering this, you are assured of getting the best drain clog remover to fit your needs.

Best Drain Cleaners in 2021

There are several drain cleaners on the market. It is essential to know their claims, features, and reviews. We have completed a full review. Here are some of the best drain cleaners in 2021.

Grease Clog, Hair Remover, and Drain Cleaner from Green Gobbler

Best hair remover for showers

Green Gobler has designed this cleaner, especially for household drains; this drain cleaner performs well on bathroom and kitchen sinks. It is excellent to remove toilet clogs. Moreover, it dissolves clogs quickly and effectively. It can easily dissolve high-density drain obstructions, making it one of the top contenders for being the best drain cleaner.

With its bottle having a dual-chambered design, it assures you no mess and measuring. You can just pour a single chamber every use, and you are good to go. It is recommended to utilize one chamber for tubs and sinks. On the other hand, use the liquid in both chambers for hard to clean toilets.

It is known to be safe for the environment. The product is biodegradable, which follows Green Chemistry’s principles. It is a good choice for people who care for marine life. It is truly an effective product without the bad side effects on the environment.

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Pros Of The Green Gobbler Dissolve

  • Dual chambered design of the bottle
  • Effectively dissolves drain obstructions nicely and quickly.
  • Works well in the bathroom and kitchen and all kinds of drains and sinks
  • Easily removes clogs in toilets and drains.
  • Is environment-friendly

Cons Of The Green Gobbler Dissolve

  • Can appear thinner in consistency than other drain cleaners

Odorless Drain Cleaner from ThriftOdorless Drain Cleaner

This product can easily dissolve hair and grease in under 60 seconds. It works well on sewer lines, septic systems drain, and grease traps. You just need to activate it by adding hot water. Despite having a high percentage of sodium hydroxide, it will not harm your health.

It is safe to be used on kitchen and lavatory surfaces. There is no noticeable scent as it is odorless. Moreover, you need not worry about harming your metal or plastic pipes. It is also safe to use on porcelain and chrome pipes. This product is considered excellent value for your money. It is manufactured in the United States, assuring you that it is made only with high-quality materials. Its packaging is durable, making it last for an extended period of time.

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Pros Of The Thrift Odorless

  • Durable bottle
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Works well on sewer lines, septic systems, grease traps, and drains
  • Cleans drains within 60 seconds
  • Safe to be used on lavatory or kitchen surfaces

Cons Of The Thrift Odorless

  • May require multiple sessions to thoroughly clean the drain.
  • Contains a high percentage of sodium hydroxide

Fast-Acting Drain Opener and Cleaner from Xion Lab

Fast Acting Drain Cleaner

This fast-acting product dissolves grease and hair quickly. Made from a hydroxide formulation, it has a heavier formula than water. Its thick liquid aids in removing the clog fast and effectively. It works well on removing drain obstructions such as oils, grease, fats, hair, lint, etc.

It has a high pH level of 13. Thus, it provides a tough fight with hair clogs. Nevertheless, it stays eco-friendly. It is odorless and flammable, which makes it ideal for home use. Its tub is made from a biodegradable material, which makes the container makes recyclable.

Its quality is tested and approved by the regulating body. With this, you can expect great performance when it comes to mild or severe drain clogs. It gives you a balance between safety and cleaning power.

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Pros Of The Xion Lab

  • NSF organization certified and approved
  • Safe for septic pipes and sewer lines
  • Good cleaning formula
  • Easily dissolves grease and hair.
  • Includes a recyclable bottle

Cons Of The Xion Lab

  • Expensive compared with some other brands.
  • Acidic with a high pH level

Professional Strength Drain Cleaner from Drano

High Strength Drain Cleaner

Draino has made its Professional Strength Drain Cleaner with a thick formula. This product is known to dissolve even the toughest clogs. It can dissolve drain obstruction fast and effectively. Using it is so simple. You just pour it straight to the clog and wait for it to dissolve the gunk.

You no longer need to worry about your dirty mess in the kitchen sink or lavatory as this product delivers. For better results, you can let it sit overnight. It will not harm your pipes. This drain cleaner will just remove the clog and dissolve any grease or hair.

It is made from high-quality ingredients. One of which protects pipes on possible corrosion during the process. With this it makes it ideal to use even on PVC, plastic, or metal pipes. Furthermore, it works well on septic systems and in garbage disposal systems.

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Pros Of The Draino Max Gel

  • The thick formula for added effectiveness
  • Can be poured directly into the clog
  • Protects your pipes against corrosion
  • Safe to use on metal or plastic pipes
  • Works well even when used overnight

Cons Of The Draino Max Gel

  • Utilizes a non-eco-friendly packaging
  • Needs a long period of time to fully take effect

SuperFast Drain Cleaner from Professor Amos

Fast Acting Drain Cleaner

With over one million bottles of this product sold, most customers say that this effectively does the job of drain cleaning. It dissolves grease, hair, and food well. Moreover, it can handle tough clogs that ordinary cleaners cannot control.

Each bottle provides you multiple applications. It is best to use in drains, tubs, and sinks. It is also safe for different plumbing types, such as copper and PVC. You do not need plunging or snakes to complete the drain cleaning task. All you need to do is just pour SuperFast on the drain directly and wait for a couple of seconds. You can then flush it using hot water.

Customers are recommended to dispose of the bottle upon finishing as reuse is not suggested. You can rinse the whole container as well as replace the cap before throwing it out. Please ensure that you discard it properly.

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Pros Of The SuperFast

  • Can handle tough clogs
  • Dissolves food, grease, and hair effectively.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can provide multiple applications per bottle
  • Fast-acting

Cons Of The SuperFast

  • May need a few applications before the buildup is completely removed.
  • Needs proper product packaging disposal

Pure Lye Drain Opener from Comstar

Good Lye Drain Opener

This product comes in industrial strength. Its packaging is well made, making it easier to utilize. Most consumers agree this drain cleaner works even on the toughest clogs. You can use it on chrome trims, fixtures, and metal pipes. Because of its effectiveness, it is an excellent choice for your property.

Not only does it handle the job quickly, but it also provides value for your money. Its contents may last for multiple applications.

It is also non-acidic and odorless. Compared with other drain cleaners, it is safer to utilize, which makes it the best drain opener for some customers. It has no fillers. You just need to dilute it with water, and you are good to go. Moreover, this product is not in liquid form, making it ideal for schools, homes, restaurants, and even hospitals.

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Pros Of The Pure Lye

  • Comes in industrial strength
  • Safe to use as it is biodegradable and utilizes food-grade ingredients
  • Has no fillers, water, or dyes
  • Odorless and has a non-acidic formula
  • Works well on plastic and metal pipes

Cons Of The Pure Lye

  • May form a hard substance if not utilized according to instructions.
  • Can contribute with the clog when a hard substance is encountered

Drain Septic from Bio-Clean

Drain Septic from Bio-Clean

This product contains enzymes and natural bacteria that aid in digesting organic waste on your sink and other plumbing systems. These wastes include soap, food, hair, and grease. Nevertheless, it does not harm your metal or plastic pipes.

There are no fumes, boiling chemicals, and heat involved in the process. It is safe to use and is eco-friendly. With this, you are assured that there are no harmful substances that your family may encounter. It is also non-acidic and odorless.

Compared with other drain cleaners, it is safer to use. It works by breaking down the gunk in your plumbing system through the bacteria and enzymes found in this product. The enzymes break the large molecules, which makes it easy for the bacteria to digest it.

This product is activated upon mixing with water. The bacteria double every half an hour. This means that it increases its power over time.

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Pros Of The Drain Septic

  • Has enzymes and bacteria which aid in dissolving drain obstruction
  • Has no fumes and boiling chemicals
  • Activates quickly with water
  • Increases effectiveness over time
  • Works well on plastic and metal pipes

Cons Of The Drain Septic

  • Cleaning power may be less than that of other products.
  • May require several applications before completely unclogging the drain.

Hair and Grease Drain Cleaner/Opener from Scotch Corporation

Made from a non-acidic formula, this product works well in resolving issues in drain stoppages. It effectively dissolves drain clogs brought by hair, grease, and other obstruction. This product is known to provide the best results, gaining a very high rating from customers.

It utilizes a caustic formula which dissipates heat to quickly melt the grease on your sink. Its cleaning power becomes better as it sits on a more extended period of time in the drain. Furthermore, it is recommended to let the product stay overnight. You can easily flush it using hot water.

The plastic bottle is substantial, while its top can be entirely sealed by twisting shut the cap. The cap is child-resistant, making it safe to store on your home.

This product is manufactured in the United States. You are assured of value for your money.  Therefore, we recommend you check the instructions to use the product as directed.

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Pros Of The Hair and Grease Drain Cleaner

  • Has a non-acidic formulation
  • Dissolves drain obstruction well.
  • Works more effectively if utilized overnight
  • Has a child-resistant cap
  • Made from the United States

Cons Of The Hair and Grease Drain Cleaner

  • May need multiple applications for hard to clean drains.
  • Requires strict usage instructions to work effectively

Bio Drain from InVade

Bio Drain from InVade

Free from harsh chemicals, this drain cleaner is ideal for home, hospital, or restaurant use. It has no odor, which makes it preferable to use. We recommend this product if you deem that your area should not encounter intense odors.

To utilize the product, you can directly apply it to the drain. Wait for a couple of minutes for it to take effect. Flush it using hot water. It also works well if you keep it on the drain overnight. In fact, it is a versatile product that can help with your cleaning requirements. You can also apply this using sprayers and mop. It depends on the surface or area you will work.

It aims to dissolve stubborn dirt that clogs your plumbing lines. With this product, you can remove the unwanted grease, hair, and food. Make sure to follow the instructions well to gain optimum results.

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Pros Of The Bio Drain

  • Odorless and free from chemicals
  • Easy to apply
  • Versatile cleaning product
  • Works well in dissolving drain obstruction
  • Can be applied using sprayers and mops

Cons Of The Bio Drain

  • May not work on extremely clogged drains.
  • Needs a longer period to fully unclog drains

Drain Care from ZepDrain Care from Zep

This product utilizes an enzymatic type of drain cleaner material. With this it aids in breaking down the molecules of the obstruction, making it easier to dissolve. It is ideal to use on drains that have a slow flow. It aids in keeping the drain clog-free by dissolving grease, hair, or other items that restrict the flow of liquid.

The manufacturer assures the consumer that it is safe to use on plumbing and septic systems. It is highly effective and easy to use. It even removes hard to clean drains with years of dirt buildup.

In general, this product removes and cleans your drain with the use of enzymes. These are highly active ingredients that clean drains. Nevertheless, it is safe to use on delicate parts of your plumbing and septic systems. This might not be the best drain clear in the market, but it is still a perfect option.

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Pros Of The Drain Care

  • Utilizes enzymes in dissolving drain gunk
  • Works well on drains with slow flow
  • Safe on septic and plumbing systems
  • Can remove years of dirt buildup
  • The product lasts a long time as just a little work well each time.

Cons Of The Drain Care

  • May require multiple applications for extremely clogged drains.
  • Must be appropriately used in accordance with instructions

These are just some of the drain cleaner suggestions in the market. All of them gained positive reviews from most customers. So, now you’ve seen the list, it’s time to make a decision so you can get onto removing that clog.  Good luck!

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