10 Best Compact Refrigerators For Offices

best compact fridge

Refrigerators are the bulkiest appliance in every kitchen, so it’s no surprise that some people are looking for alternatives and seek out more compact solutions.  This is where the best compact refrigerators for offices or dorms come into play as probably the most beneficial innovation for smaller areas.

They work the same way as their larger counterparts but are more compact and far more convenient. There’s a wide range of different fridges on the market so that you can choose according to your needs and preferences. Some look exactly like the full-size ones, but they all require less space and energy.

Let’s cut to the chase.  Here’s our summary table of the best 5 compact refrigerators in 2022.  The full review continues further down so scroll some more.

Top 5 Compact Refrigerators in 2022

What Are The Different Types Of Compact Refrigerators?

  • Thermoelectric

These use the Peltier effect to make heat flux. They are quiet because no liquid is being used. The only thing that might produce some noise is the fan. These types use a thermoelectric heat pump but aren’t as widely used.

  • Compressor

This is the type of fridge most commonly used around the world. It uses liquid, so it’s somewhat noisy and not the best choice for rooms. However, it’s probably the most efficient type of fridge out there.

  • Absorption

This one has no motor, so it’s silent enough for dorm rooms. But, unfortunately, it’s the kind of fridge you usually see in hotels.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Compact Refrigerator For Offices

Capacity is probably an essential thing to have in mind. Consider what you’d store in it and the size that would be enough.

Also, think about the size that would work the best. Though we’re talking about compact refrigerators, there are still many sizes to choose from.

Think about the type you want. We’ve discussed the general kinds of fridges above, so make sure to consider them carefully.

Check out the best compact refrigerators in our list below. We’ll talk about all their pros, cons, and all the features and specifications that make them worth your attention.

The 10 Best Compact Refrigerators Reviewed

Danby DAR017A2BDD

The main thing about this Canadian mini fridge is that it doesn’t come with a freezer. This might be inconvenient for some, but it has its right sides, too.

compact fridge best

Because there aren’t two separate compartments, there’s more space for fresh food. Its temperature is also more constant in the long run since it doesn’t have to keep two different levels.

It uses an energy-efficient and eco-friendly compressor to use R600a refrigerant. In addition, the quality mechanical thermostat allows for comfortable temperature handling at any time.

With 1.7 cubic feet capacity, the fridge features two completely adjustable wire racks. The reversible doors have a compartment that holds a 2l bottle and a CanStore dispenser that holds six cans.

The black exterior is sleek and stylish with a scratch-resistant worktop. It’s one of the best options for tight spaces because it has a reversible door and a flat back. It measures 20.1×17.7×20.1 inches.

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Pros Of The Danby

  • Reversible door
  • Can dispenser
  • Eco-friendly
  • Scratch-resistant worktop

Cons Of The Danby

  • No freezer

SPT RF-244SS Compact

best small fridge for dorm

Though this compact refrigerator comes in six different sizes, the 2.4 cubic foot fridge is probably the best fit in small rooms. This one does feature a freezer, but it’s only a 0.18 cubic foot canister.

The fridge takes up most of the space inside since the freezer is relatively tiny. Keep in mind that the freezer tends to frost more often than not. The SPT comes with two adjustable wire racks so you can organize the interior to your preferences and needs. The doors can store 2x2l bottles.

However, this one is on a bit noisy side. You may not want this in the same room where you sleep. On the other hand, the compressor does a fair job of maintaining the temperature.

If you’re tight on space, you have to keep in mind that this one needs about 6 to 8 inches of clearance around it. So tucking it in without leaving the recommended space might cause overheating.

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Pros Of The SBT

  • Has a freezer
  • Reversible doors
  • Energy-star certified

Cons Of The SBT

  • Need clearance space around it

Daewoo FR-044RCNW Retro

best looking small fridge for office

This retro-inspired refrigerator is a stylish choice, but it’s also super-convenient and energy-efficient. It’s made of polished metal, rustproof, and has a no-welding curved shape.

It features a 4.4 cubic feet capacity, so it’s not as small, but it fits much more food than many others on the market. You change the temperature with the easy-to-use soft dial. It also features energy-efficient LED lighting.

The Daewoo has adjustable glass shelves so you can organize all your items to your liking. One of the best things is that it doesn’t frost, so you won’t have to deal with any built-up ice.  It really is one of the best compact refrigerator for offices.

Its doors are versatile, with many compartments suitable for different items and even tall bottles. In addition, the fridge features a sliding drawer to keep all your fruits and veggies fresh. Another thing that adds to its overall convenience is the tabletop surface. It allows you to place whatever is on top of it to save even more space.

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Pros Of The Daewoo

  • Made with CFC-free materials
  • LED lighting
  • Tabletop function
  • Adjustable shelves

Cons Of The Daewoo

  • The doors aren’t reversible.

EdgeStar CRF321SS

best compact fridge for small office

The EdgeStar fridge is like turning a full-size into a mini one. It has all the features of a large model, such as separate compartments for the refrigerator and freezer. Its storage capacity is 3.1 cubic feet, with the freezer being one cubic foot. It’s a slightly larger freezer than what you’ll find in other models, mainly because it’s separated.

It does an excellent job of maintaining the temperature, and since the thermostat is adjustable, you can control it any way you want. Most importantly, this one is auto-defrost so that you won’t struggle with any ice build-up.

The unit has one glass and one wire shelf that’s adjustable. It has a drawer for all your fruits and veggies. Both doors are reversible and have some storage space. There’s also a soda can dispenser that fits up to 8 cans. The EdgeStar is rated as energy-efficient by Energy Star.

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Pros Of The EdgeStar

  • Zero degree
  • Storage space on doors
  • Adjustable shelf

Cons Of The EdgeStar

  • No locks

Midea WHD-113FB1

small fridge freezer for office

This two-door model is one of the best compact refrigerator/freezer combos. It’s ideal for tight spaces, small kitchens, dorm rooms, and man caves. One of the best things is the ventilation that allows you to keep it under the cabinet.

The freezer has a 0.93 cubic foot capacity and doors with additional storage space. The fridge compartment is 2.2 cubic feet large and features bright lighting. It also has two glass shelves that are adjustable and a drawer for fruits and veggies.

It’s important to say that the Midea WHD-113FB1 is quiet, so you can freely use it in your dorm room, and it won’t bother you during nighttime. This one is Energy Star certified for energy efficiency. The stainless steel doors are rustproof and complete the overall sleek look.

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Pros Of The Midea

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Reversible doors
  • Separate compartments
  • Quiet

Cons Of The Midea

  • Cans are a bit tricky to get out.


Best small fridge freezer for small office

Igloo is one of the most commonly used mini-refrigerators. It has the perfect compact size for your small apartment, office, or garage.

The 3.2 cubic feet is its total capacity, with the freezer included. Still, it has two separate doors, so it’s more energy-efficient than those with a single entry. This also helps with keeping the temperature constant.

It’s specially designed for tight spaces since it features a flush back. This allows you to fit it in minor areas of your home. Igloo also features lighting inside the fridge part. All its glass shelves are adjustable so that you can customize the space to your liking. It has a vegetable drawer, too.

The fridge doors also allow bottles and can storage. Its thermostat is adjustable, so you’re in control of the temperature. It’s also important to mention that this one is made from CFC-free materials.

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Pros Of The RCA-Igloo

  • Separate compartments
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Quiet

Cons Of The RCA-Igloo

  • The doors aren’t reversible.

EdgeStar CRF150SS

Review of small fridge for office

If the EdgeStar model we reviewed above isn’t really to your liking, make sure to check this one out. They are pretty different from one another, so this might suit you better.

The best thing about this one is that it’s convertible so that you can use it as a fridge or as a freezer. This isn’t something you’ll find in many other compact refrigerators, so it’s worth considering. In addition, it has a manually adjustable thermostat to set up the desired temperature.

Its door is resistant to rust and stains plus the overall style makes it perfect for all modern rooms. You can reverse the door for more convenient access, and there’s also the locking feature.

Its overall capacity is 1.1 cubic feet, so it is mainly used as a secondary freezer/fridge for small areas. Because of its limited size, the unit has only one shelf, but it’s removable. Like many others by EdgeStar, this is Energy Star rated for energy efficiency.

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Pros Of This EdgeStar

  • Super-compact
  • Convertible
  • Reversible door with lock
  • Energy-efficient

Cons Of This EdgeStar

  • No storage in the door

RCA 1.6-1.7 Cubic Foot Fridge

This RCA fridge is only suitable for tiny areas because its storage space is quite limited. However, the 1.7 cubic foot capacity makes it ideal for dorm rooms or man caves.

What's the best compact fridge for a dorm

Don’t be fooled by its size because this one has compressor cooling, so all your food remains cold even during the hottest days. In addition, the adjustable thermostat is in the back of the unit, and it allows you to set the temperature to your liking.

The refrigerator has a removable shelf, so it’s up to you to organize the interior according to your needs. The reversible door also allows for some storage as you can keep bottles and different small items in there. There’s also the recessed handle, so you’re able to put the fridge on any side of your room.

This one is a good option if you’re limited to space in your room. Its outer dimensions are 20x18x20 inches in total.

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Pros Of This RCA

  • Flushed back design
  • Reversible door
  • Freezer included

Cons Of This RCA

  • Limited capacity

Black+Decker BCRK25B

best fridge no freezer small

If you’re looking for a mini-refrigerator that has all the features of the big ones, this might be the best choice for you. It has two a freezer that’s wholly separated and has a door.

You adjust its temperature to your preference with the thermostat inside the fridge. Also, it features two removable glass shelves and two-door shelves for bottle storage. The freezer features an ice cube tray.

This Black+Decker refrigerator has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet, and it’s about two feet tall. This allows you to be creative with where you’d keep it. It’s ideal for under the desk or in any small kitchen, room, man cave, etc. The outer dimensions are 17.5×18.5×26.6 inches. The unit weighs about 43lbs.

Also, the back of it is entirely flat so that you can push it to the wall of your room. It features little legs that help you stabilize it and is Energy Star rated for energy efficiency.

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Pros Of The Black+Decker

  • Separate freezer
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Removable shelves

Cons Of The Black+Decker

  • No lighting

Magic Chef MCAR320B2

best small fridge for dormatory

This one might be the best choice for offices as it doesn’t feature a freezer. Still, it’s relatively large, so it accommodates quite enough items. In addition, the 3.2 cubic feet capacity is all-fridge, so it’s an ideal unit if you don’t need a freezer.

It has many shelves, and they are all made of glass. Each shelf is removable, and it’s up to you to customize the spacey area to your needs and preferences. It also features a crisper drawer for vegetables or fruits.

Not only is the fridge itself is spacious, but the doors also have additional storage space. The top and bottom door areas are ideal for different small items, while the right rack stores up to five soda cans. The left rack fits a 2l bottle.

One of the best things about it is that it’s frost-free. It’s also rated for energy efficiency by Energy Star. The doors have reversible hinges.

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Pros Of The Magic Chef

  • Spacious
  • Reversible door
  • Easy to clean
  • No frost

Cons Of The Magic Chef

  • This model has no freezer.

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