Top 10 Budget Monitors For Fortnite (PC, PS4, XBOX One)

acer curved monitor

Fortnite is an online FPS-type game where you must build forts, survive until the end of the waves of timers and storms, and battle other players. We check out the best budget monitors for Fortnite on a range of gear.

Fortnite has gained popularity over the few years and… Okay, look, you probably already know what Fortnite is, so let’s talk about the best monitors for playing the game on the various platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One).

What Do You Need In A Monitor To Play Fortnite?

As you know, the game is very intense in terms of graphics. It doesn’t seem that way at first glance because of its cartoon style, but the game’s scale takes the graphics power more than anything.

There are up to 100 players or more in each game, and each of them could be on your screen at the same time (rare, but it could happen).

That’s a lot of moving things and lots of colors to render. Also, the game is famously very bright and vivid, and so you need the monitor you play Fortnite on to be explicit, colorful, and easy to look at. You might also want it to be ABLE to reduce the blue light if you like playing late at night but don’t want to damage your eyes.

You also need the monitor to be pretty BIG because a lot of the game is about seeing people far in the distance, so the bigger the screen, the more chance you have of winning at the end of the day.

Best Ten Budget Monitors For Fortnite Compared In 2022

Now, as we’ve said at the start, we’re going to cover a RANGE of monitors here, not just the budget ones. So we’ll include whether it’s affordable or slightly pricey in the pros and cons, but most of these will be cheap.

Also, bear in mind that we’re covering a range of platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One) as well here, so if a monitor we list is ONLY for PC, we’ll tell you in the pros and cons section. Oh, and check out the best LAPTOPS for gaming under 600 dollars if you haven’t already got a setup.

HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch HDMI VGA Monitor

best budget monitor for playing fortnite

Let’s start this list off with a bang. This HP monitor is great for Fortnite because it’s affordable, has a great refresh rate (how often the screen updates the image, giving the impression of ‘smoothness’), and has bright, vivid colors.

This is not the biggest, but it’s also not the most expensive. Excellent value for money and can keep up with the busiest Fortnite match!

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Pros Of The HP Pavilion

  • 21 inches across
  • Supports HDMI, VGA, and HDCP
  • Great value for money and has the specs of much more pricey monitors

Cons Of The HP Pavilion

  • Some people have said that after a few months of it being on constantly, it starts to get a bit darker (can reset this by restarting it)

Acer Gaming Monitor 24″

budget monitor to play fortnite on

This monitor is great for Fortnite; it has a 1ms response time, a beautiful display, and a great range of colors. It can also pivot and tilt, making it easy to customize and get into the perfect position.

Often, when you’re playing Fortnite, you’re in weird positions on your gaming chair to make yourself comfortable, but with this tilt function, you can get it exactly where you want it.

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Pros Of The Acer Gaming Monitor

  • Supports HDMI, MHL, and DVI (most computers support HDMI, and there are adapters you can buy if not, and PS4 and Xbox One support HDMI too)
  • Full HD resolution so the game will look as good as it possibly can
  • It has a blue light filter! Essential for playing late at night without damaging your eyes
  • It doesn’t flicker at all

Cons Of The Acer Gaming Monitor

  • After a while, reading lots of text and browsing the internet can be hard to look at, but these effects are not noticeable when playing games.

Sceptre Curved 75Hz Gaming LED Monitor

best curved monitor for fortnite

The Sceptre is the first monitor on this list with a CURVED screen, making it an excellent addition. Curved screens can be somewhat polarising in the gaming community; you either love them or hate them. The fact is that a curved screen gives a better viewing angle from wherever you’re sitting.

The main problem is that most of us are not used to curved monitors. However, once you get used to the game’s different look and feel, a curved monitor feels more immersive. Great features on this monitor, but the most significant benefit here is the curve.

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Pros Of The Sceptre

  • Large beautiful curved screen
  • Vivid colors and HD support
  • Built-in speakers
  • 75HZ refresh rate
  • Supports HDMI, VGA, and PC audio
  • Very affordable monitor for Fortnite, at less than $200

Cons Of The Sceptre

  • The power cord is short (you can get an extension, however, and still save money compared to similar models with longer power cords)

Acer R240HY

good cheap monitor for fortnite

Another affordable screen for playing Fortnite, but probably best suited to PC. This screen is suitable for small spaces or small desktop areas because it has an edge-to-edge display, meaning there’s very little wasted space on the edges of the display.

A large percentage of the space it takes up is the screen! If you have a lot of space and more budget, you should probably consider one of the other bigger monitors for the best Fortnite experience, but this is great for small desktops.

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Pros Of The Acer

  • Edge to edge support means little wasted space
  • Supports HDMI and DVI

Cons Of The Acer

  • It doesn’t have built-in audio, which could be annoying if you’re buying it to try and save space on your desk.

Acer Predator XB323U 32-inch 

acer monitor for fortnite

The Predator is a great all-rounder, with 4K and support for most features you’d need for playing games. The screen itself is 32 inches which are more than enough, and it’s also tiltable. There’s no flicker, and you can choose from several size options on the sales page.

It comes with built-in speakers, and it won’t break the bank. This is a great ‘in the middle’ sort of choice, not the best but far from the worst. Perhaps this one is the best budget monitor for Fortnite.

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Pros Of The Acer Predator

  • It has 4 USB ports for charging things like Wireless mice and headphones
  • Tiltable display for extra comfort
  • Built-in speakers mean you save space and money
  • Great value for money considering the size and features

Cons Of The Acer Predator

  • With black images, the screen can look cloudy because the backlight bleeds through sometimes (although for Fortnite, which is mainly vivid, bright colors, this wouldn’t be an issue)

Acer Curved 37 Inch Monitor

best curved monitor for fortnite

It supports USB type C (for Apple users), and the monitor size is 37 inches! The biggest one we’ve listed so far and looks beautiful in any room. It has a super-fast response time of 5ms, meaning you’ll always get that smooth effect when playing Fortnite. The only thing you’ll be limited by is probably your internet connection.

Internet connection is the most common cause of lag in Fortnite, and often you don’t need a new monitor, just a faster connection. That being said, this monitor is stunning, and out of the box, it’s ready to play!

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Pros Of This Acer

  • Huge screen size that will look good on Xbox One, PC and PS4
  • Supports HDMI and MHL 2.1
  • Speedy response time of 5ms, so the game will always feel fast and smooth

Cons Of This Acer

  • Can strain your eyes if you play for too long, with no blue light filter

Acer Predator Gaming X34

best monitor for glare

No, this isn’t the same one we’ve already listed. It’s undoubtedly another Predator, but this one’s different. This one has a curved screen a more prominent display and comes loaded with GSYNC technology. It has HDMI and 3 USB ports, but more importantly, it looks stunning.

More than anything else, when you’re buying a monitor for gaming (especially for Fortnite), you want it to look good. Sure, tech specs are essential, but what matters most is how it feels and looks while you’re playing, and this Predator is exceptional.

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Pros Of The Predator X34

  • Large curved display (34 inches is the biggest size they offer for this model)
  • G-SYNC technology to increase smoothness
  • It supports HDMI, so it works well with Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Cons Of The Predator X34

  • Some users have reported a few dead pixels after a few months of solid use

Viotek 27-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

curved monitor for fortnight

We could almost end this review summary here and say, ‘look at it!’. The screen is stunning, bright colors seem to be the theme here, but these colors seem brighter than most other monitors in its price range. In addition, they boast a gaming-specific monitor designed for ‘motion intense’ gaming.

We don’t want to say it’s MADE for Fortnite, but…

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Pros Of The Viotek

  • Has HDMI and connects with any console
  • It supports streaming and comes ready to live stream on things like Twitch (It can also multitask efficiently)
  • It also has a ‘zero-tolerance dead pixel policy,’ so if you ever find a dead pixel, you can get a free replacement within a year.
  • Designed for FPS gaming and supports ‘Game Plus’ targeting crosshairs

Cons Of The Viotek

  • Some users report problems with the color or dead pixels (but they do have a replacement program for dead pixels)

LG 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide

wide screen monitor for fortnight

We wouldn’t say this is the best out of all, but this massive curved screen boasts a beautiful gaming experience. Fortnite is a game where you need to see far into the distance and the sides.

We’ve won many matches by spot people sneaking round to our sides because we used a giant monitor like this, so having a large horizontal monitor makes winning that much easier. In addition, it’s tiltable and supports the usual stuff, HDMI and USB, etc.

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Pros Of This LG

  • A massive, vast monitor means you can quickly see people sneaking up on you to the side.
  • It can be mounted if you need
  • For the size and features, it’s an excellent value for a money gaming monitor.

Cons Of This LG

  • Trouble when hooking up more than one computer (if that’s something you’d need to be able to do, maybe a different monitor would be better)

Dell 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor

Dell curved montior

What sort of gaming monitor list would this be without Alienware?! This monitor has a lovely curved wrap-around display that immerses you in whatever game you’re playing. It can be mounted, which seems standard for curved monitors of this size. It comes with Nvidia G-Sync for smooth lag-less gameplay. And it also comes with 3 ‘game modes’ for different types of gameplay.

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Pros Of The Dell

  • Supports HDMI
  • It comes with G-SYNC for smooth gameplay feeling
  • The curved screen gives you an immersive experience
  • It comes with built-in speakers

Cons Of The Dell

  • It doesn’t support 4K (but comes pretty close!)

What’s The Best Monitor For Fortnite?

Well, the ACER 37 inch seems to be among the best. Not much is wrong with it other than it lacks 4K. 4K often divides many gamers; our opinion is that games can look fabulous without needing to be 4K, but maybe that will change in the future.

Gamers and game companies will likely make 4K the standard resolution after a few years, and we’ll look back on the days without 4K as if they were the stone age.

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