10 Best Bread Slicer Reviews In 2018 For Cutting Bread

Bread Pal from SierraBASE LLC

Slicing bread or loaves is an easy task. However, slicing them uniformly is not. If you are in bread business or just someone who wants to slice bread with less hassle, a quality bread slicer may be a very handy tool to have in your kitchen. Bread slicers are kitchen tools or equipment that aid you in slicing your loaves of bread. It allows you to maintain precise cuts through electronic means or guided slicing design. Some offer several features such as foldable construction, electric capability, and easy cleaning mechanisms.

Things To Consider When Buying Bread Slicers

Here are some of the features when you are considering to buy bread slicers. These are great decision-making considerations.

  • Easy to Use – Look for a bread slicer that does not need complicated steps to use. Its directions should be easy to follow.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Get one that is easy to clean. It is also a great consideration if you no longer need to disassemble it. This minimizes the process of cleaning it.
  • Safety – Make sure that your bread slicer is stable. Some products utilize rubber feet to avoid slips and slides. On the other hand, there are some which have slice guides which aid you in creating precise slices.
  • Controllability – Remember to get a slicer whose slice thickness can be adjusted. This is to allow you to customize your bread when needed.

Whatever your reason is, getting a bread slicer aims to provide you a hassle free slicing process. There are also some slicers that allow you to cut other foods, not only breads.

10 Best Bread Slicers With Their Pros And Cons

Bread slicers are great for several reasons. One of which is getting more slices out of your loaf. Sometimes, your local bakery slices your bread too thick. Another good reason is gaining equal slice thickness. Thus, it presents a good and easier bite on your sandwiches. Lastly, it is beneficial for cooking as your slices have equal thickness.

Bread slicers come in different designs and features. Thus, it is important to identify the one that fits your needs. Here are 10 of the best bread slicers in the market in today’s time.

1. Foldable Bamboo Compact Bread Slicer from DB-Tech

Foldable Bamboo Compact Bread Slicer from DB-Tech

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This bread slicer from DB-Tech features a foldable design which is great for compact storage. It is made fully from Bamboo wood. With this, it is environmentally friendly and helps lessen the pollution.

It has three groove sizes which allow you to create different size of slices ranging from 0.8cm to 1.2cm. You can slice your bread according to your thickness preference. This guarantees you to create perfect slices all the time. Its dimensions are 12 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches when unfolded and 12 x 7.5 x 1.5 includes otherwise.


  • Provides you three slice thickness options
  • Allows compact storage due to its foldability
  • Made from a natural bamboo word which makes it sturdy
  • Promotes pollution free risk and environmental friendly
  • Perfect for homemade and bakery produced breads and cakes


  • Minor problems encountered when letting it stand up as it has the tendency to fall

2. Bread Slicer, Bread Pal from SierraBASE LLC

Bread Pal from SierraBASE LLCCheck Price On Amazon 

Made from America, this bread slicer utilizes a design which is spring loaded. Thus, it has a self-locking capability making the closing and opening of the slicer fully automatic. It locks the knife guides well and in place. It is also easy to open and can be folded for easy storage.

It takes pride in its ability to set it up easily. Though it is made from wood, you are guaranteed with no splinters. You are assured that you get the most out of your money.


  • Utilizes American-standard materials assuring you of only the best quality
  • Simple to use as it requires easy to follow steps
  • Easy to setup
  • Has a locking mechanism to allow the guides to stay well in place
  • Features a maple and hardwood material which is a food safe surface


  • May tend to wear if not utilized and stored properly

3. FS-250 Food Slicer from Nesco

FS-250 Food Slicer from Nesco

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Featuring a 180-watt motor, this food slicer works well in heavy-duty cutting needs. Nevertheless, it is important to not immerse its motor in water or any other liquid. It is made fully of stainless steel. This slicer has a detachable serrated blade which is also made of stainless steel.

It is known to handle a wide array of food with different shapes and sizes, making it a multi-purpose food slicer. On the other hand, it has a control knob for adjusting its slice thickness. To aid the slicing mechanism, it utilizes a food press made from die-cast aluminum.


  • Utilizes a feature for safety in usage
  • Provides a 180-watt motor which works well on heavy duty use
  • Easy to detach serrated stainless steel blade
  • Can last a long time which provides value for your money
  • Has control knob which adjusts the slice thickness


  • Hard to clean as its motor is sensitive to water or any other liquid

4. Adjustable and Foldable Bread Slicer from Yummy Sam

Adjustable and Foldable Bread Slicer from Yummy Sam


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Made from high-quality ABS Resin, this bread slicer can withstand temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it is great to use in slicing loaves, sandwiches, breads, bagel, etc. It features a foldable body which is space-saving and easy to store.

On the other hand, it offers four slice thickness options from 10mm up to 40mm. You do not need to worry about cutting your fingers as you are guided. In addition to that, it utilizes an anti-skid design at the slicer’s bottom. With this, you will never encounter slips and slides when using this equipment.


  • Easy to use as you are guided with cutting areas according to the thickness you selected
  • Space saving and easy to store due to its foldable design
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Offers four slice thickness
  • Self-locking


  • Prone to molds when not cleaned and stored properly

5. EMT-503B Electronic Die-Cast-Aluminum Food Slicer from Elite Gourmet

EMT-503B Electronic Die-Cast-Aluminum Food Slicer from Elite Gourmet

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This slicer is great in cutting a variety of food especially breads and loafs. It features a retractable and removable stainless steel blade. For the safety of use, it has an on and off switch. The thickness of the slices is adjustable up to 0.5 inches thin.

Its housing is made of die-cast aluminum. The design is easy to disassemble and clean. Moreover, it has rubber feet which make it more stable and less risky to utilize. Moreover, it allows you to create precise cuts on your meet, cheeses, breads, etc.


  • Has an easy to disassemble body which allows easy cleaning
  • Provides precise cuts on your food
  • Offers multiple slice thickness selections
  • Has a locking feature for the blade
  • Utilizes rubber feet which provides stability


  • Produces noise when being used which may be troublesome for others

6. FS-75 Food Slicer, Kitchen Pro from Cuisinart

FS-75 Food Slicer, Kitchen Pro from Cuisinart

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This slicer utilizes a 130-watt motor which is heavy duty. It features a removable cutting blade which is made of stainless steel. It offers great performance even on tough food. You can adjust the slice thickness using the control knob. You can slice cheeses, roasts, and bread from 0.3 to9 0.5 inches thick.

Made from steel coated die-cast aluminum, its housing is known to provide robust qualities. Moreover, you shall no encounter any slips and slides due to its non-slip feet.


  • Features a heavy-duty motor which provides value for your money
  • Has a control knob for slice thickness
  • Utilizes a stainless steel blade for great performance
  • Has non-slip feet which makes it stable during operation
  • Easy to disassemble and clean


  • Rotation runs on a low speed

7. Skater Plastic Bread Slicer

Plastic Bread Slicer  from Skater

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This Japanese product features an easy to use mechanism. It allows you to cut your bread or loaves on four different thickness levels. The thickness level ranges from one to 2.5cm. Measures at 12 x 15 cm, it works well on regular-sized sandwich bread. It is great for slicing bread, loaves, cheese, ham and other tough food.

It features an easy to clean body. With this, you no longer need the fuss of disassembling and assembling again the equipment after washing. Moreover, it has a foldable storage which is great for storing compactly on your kitchen countertops or cabinets.


  • Features four thickness levels for customizable sandwiches
  • Minimal fuss in cleaning due to its construction
  • Made from high-quality materials in Japan
  • Utilizes a foldable design making it great for compact storage
  • No need to disassemble or assemble after use or cleaning


  • Can produce plastic shavings as you slice your bread

8. Bread Slicer from Norpro

Bread Slicer from Norpro

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This bread slicer is great in slicing bread, loaves, and cakes with less hassle. It also has a crumb catcher which makes the cleaning process easy. It is a removable part which makes it ideal for a less messy bread slicing.

On the other hand, it has slicing guides made from acrylic. These make it easier to create perfectly uniform slices. It is also known to be easy to disassemble and clean. You just need to use a slightly damp cloth to clean everything.


  • Features a crumb catcher which aids in making your station free of mess
  • Has slicing guides which make sure that you get equally thick slices
  • Easy to assemble
  • Less maintenance as it requires a less complex procedure to utilize
  • Easy to clean using a damp pad or cloth


  • Flimsy material and construction

9. Expanding Bread Keeper from Kitchen Craft

Expanding Bread Keeper from Kitchen Craft

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Made from durable acrylic, this bread keeper keeps your bread fresh. It is expanding which allows you to store bread loaves of every length. It can expand of at most 28 centimeters. Moreover, it has a slicing guide which aids in slicing your bread precisely.

The acrylic is clear in color which makes it easier to check the freshness of your bread. On the other hand, it has small vents which allow the air to pass through your bread. This will help in prolonging the life of your bread.


  • Has a clear color which makes it easier to view the freshness of the bread
  • Lightweight and compact at around two pounds
  • Includes a guide for slicing which is useful if you want precise cuts
  • Has an expandable body of at most 28 centimeters
  • Utilizes air vents to allow air to pass through


  • Height can be an issue as it might be too low for common bread

10. Bamboo Bread Cutting Board from A Baker and Cook

Bamboo Bread Cutting Board from A Baker and Cook

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With redesigned slicing board, the manufacturer placed a stabilizer to allow the user to use the device without wobbling. Moreover, the corners are reinforced with crumb catchers which makes it mess free.

It is made from a bamboo material with slots. These are adjustable to allow you to control the thickness of the bread slice. There are three slice thicknesses from 0.25 to 0.75 inches. Furthermore, it utilizes a cross brace and stop for support.


  • Features a crumb catcher which aids in making your station free of mess
  • Has adjustable slots which vary the slice thickness of the bread
  • Made from Bamboo which is environmentally friendly
  • Utilizes cross brace and stop for stability
  • Compact and easy to store on your kitchen countertop or table


  • Wood tends to get cut when a knife is run through

Based on the features presented by the top bread slicers, it is pertinent to look into the pros and cons they offer. You should weigh your options well to get the best value out of your money.

Final Thoughts

Get the right bread slicer fit for your needs. This means that you do not need to get an industrial bread slicer if you just want to use it for home use. Here are the usual pros and cons of these bread slicers.


  • Compact and foldable design for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from durable metal or wood material
  • Adjustable slice thickness
  • Provides safety mechanism like locks and rubber feet


  • May not last a long time if not maintained or cleaned properly

It is essential to look for the right bread slicer fit for your kitchen at home or business. There are many slicers out in the market. If you are looking for other useful kitchen tools, you may have a look at best coffee and spice grinders available in the market right now. If you are yet to have a washing machine, at least have one of these best mini washing machines in affordable prices.


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